Dear Diary Day 2022 is on Thursday, September 22, 2022: Dear Diary?

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Thursday, September 22, 2022 is Dear Diary Day 2022. Dear Diary Day #5 - Anna Reads Dear Diary Day #5

Dear Diary?

17th July, 2008-Thursday

Dear Sakura,

Well, today was like any other day, but I am happy to say this, I got over him. Finally, after 2 long years of pain and jealousy, I am over him. I know I should be very happy, but somewhere in my heart, I am not...I kinda miss those feelings and want to turn back, but if I do, then I would only end up hurting myself again.

I wish I had someone I could talk to, share my feelings...but I am all alone..

Oh yes, today I went to my uncle's house and played badminton with my cousin. I won the matches, but my cousin is only 8 years old, and I'm 15!

My brother was jealous all the time because my cousin was more interested in playing with me...basically no one likes my brother very much because of his attitude, but I know how sweet and loving he is, so I talked to him about it and promised him a nice game tomorrow.

After I came home, I took a shower and turned on my computer...downloaded the Album "Millennium" by Backstreet Boys. The songs are fantabulous, and while listening to them, I answered a few questions on Yahoo! Answers, and reported some nasty questions.

I got 6 Best answers today, raising my percentage to 45%.

I also received emails from Uncle Ric, and replied to those..and I also uploaded some videos in my Megavideo Channel.

Misha and Hope had a terrible fight today, and Hope was badly wounded..she bled a lot, and so I separated her from the pack and cleaned up the wound.

You know how afraid of blood I head started spinning, and I was shaking, but I had to help my sweety-pie, so I managed to do it somehow.

I'm feeling fresh and content at the moment, but missing my friends, because they have gone away on holidays, and I'm the only one stuck in my room, in front of my computer.

I just hope tomorrow would be much better day, and I hope to catch Les online and chat with's been a long time since we had our last conversation...even if he is an online buddy, I miss him a lot.

Well Sakura, I have to go back and answer a few more questions on Yahoo! Answers, and then finish making the mansion in Sims 2., then go to bed.


DEAR DIARY (write about your day)?

DEAR DIARY (write about your day)?

Its almost the first anniversary of my dads death. Ive changed soo much in the past year. I was talking with lulu about it. After he died, i became a vegetarian. Still am. Then in may i made friends with john-- we dissected a frog together (most unromantic thing ever huh?) He went to my bday. I havent talked to him since. At the very end of the year i met kileona. He was cute but his ventriloquism bugged me enough that i didnt really like him, at least at that point.

summer SUCKED. It was soo boring, my grandma got a hold of a poem i threw away and is publishing it everywhere. Its like a nightmare, that follows me. I hate that poem.

All my fish died last summer too, when i was working at camp. I had to go vegan there since my counselor scared me, i couldnt ask her for lactaid.

4 months ago: I got back to school. Kileona, that guy i mentioned, started hanging out with me. First for just a few minutes in class, then for a few minutes at lunch, and next thing i knew he asked me for my number and invited me to his house (score!! I liked him by then. Some ventriloquism is weird, but hes good so its okay) i went to his house and his family was amazing. He asked me if i liked him and i told him the truth. I also told him how my dad died, of a heart attack at age 48.

2 months ago: I go with him to an afterschool social type thing, and by then since we spent all the time we could together at school during lunch and class people asked me if we were going out and i told them no. I went to the social two weeks later to find a girl crying. Kileona had asked her out, and gotten really angry when she rejected. He had told me TWO DAYS BEFORE he was taking a break from relationships. He lied to me, after i had opened my heart and my deepest secrets to him.

I decided to pretend it never happened. I had two choices 1) tell kileona that hes a scumbag and make an enemy of one of the only people i can sit with during the strict cliques at lunch, leaving me alone. Plus hes in my classes and what if we sat together? 2) dont say anything about it. Hes let off the hook, but feeling guilty. I still have my companion, a friend, and a potential date if he makes some major changes.

5 weeks ago: He asked me if i wanted to try oral. What a ****. I know i shouldnt let him off the hook this time, but what else am i supposed to do?

Three weeks ago: My basement flooded so bad most of our stuff got ruined, luckily were doing a remodel and everything valuable was already upstairs, and i got a third concussion by slipping and falling. Plus my math teachers flirting with me.

Today: i think hes changed. Hes been funnier, smarter, and more polite lately, and more.. Chivalrous? Its nice.

Well last year couldnt really have sucked much more than it did, i hope this year is better.

Dear Diary.......................?

Dear Diary.......................?

what a really neat question!! =) Let me go get some Pepsi before I get started......=)

Saturday...April 21, 2007 --- Just after 5;30 pm - EDT,

Good day for me as well....The best part was that I posted a really good ad for my distributership and it turned out really good!!! =) I will definitely be posting more!! I emailed it to my inbox so I can go on posting it for as long as I want with some of the YAHOO advertising groups that I belong that will multiply the exposure to it. I'm really happy about it!! =) They made it so it looks really professional and maybe it will attract

more people than anything I could have done myself. Plus I posted in a couple of other places, but I thought I'd come over here to y/a and see what's going on. =)

'Haven't been here all day.... =

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