Drowsy Driver Awareness Day 2021 is on Tuesday, April 6, 2021: How come it's ok to sleep and drive but it's not ok to drink and drive?

Tuesday, April 6, 2021 is Drowsy Driver Awareness Day 2021. Doze Alert - Driving while drowsy can be deadly‎ Let Doze Alert help you stay awake

How come it’s ok to sleep and drive but it’s not ok to drink and drive?

Here.. this is NC DMV.

I think you have great point there.

You should point that out to our gov't. (holes everywhere)


Sleeping and driving do not mix. When you are behind the wheel of a car, being fatigued is dangerous. Drivers who are tired have slower reaction times, decreased awareness, and impaired judgment. As with drugs and alcohol, drowsiness can contribute to a traffic crash.

Symptoms of Fatigue — Researchers have found the following symptoms to be associated with drowsy driving:

Your eyes close or go out of focus by themselves.

You have trouble keeping your head up.

You cannot stop yawning.

You have wandering disconnected thoughts.

You do not remember driving the last few miles.

You drift between lanes, tailgate, or miss traffic signs.

You keep jerking the car back into the lane.

You have drifted off the road and hit the rumble strips which produce a loud noise and vibrations.

Who is Most At Risk? All Drivers who are:

Sleep-deprived or fatigued.

Driving long distances without rest breaks.

Driving through the night, the early afternoon, or at other times when you are normally asleep.

Taking medication that increases sleepiness or drinking alcohol.

Driving alone.

Driving on long, rural, boring roads.

Frequent travelers, e.g., business travelers and long-distance commuters.

Young People — Sleep related crashes are most common in young people, who tend to stay up late, sleep too little, and drive at night.

Shift Workers — Studies suggest individuals with non-traditional work schedules have a greater risk of being involved in a fatigue-related driving traffic crash.

People With Undiagnosed Sleep Disorders — The presence of a sleep disorder also increases the risk of crashes. If you find you are regularly tired during the day or experience any of these symptoms on a regular basis, you may have a sleep disorder and should seek medical help.

Effective Countermeasures

Prevention — Before you embark on a trip, you should:

Get a good night's sleep.

Plan to drive long trips with a companion.

Schedule regular stops, every 100 miles or 2 hours.

Avoid alcohol and medications (over-the-counter and prescribed) that may impair performance. Check with your doctor or pharmacist about any medication you are taking. Alcohol interacts with fatigue; increasing its effects.

Actions for the Drowsy Driver — Once driving, you should:

Recognize that you are in danger of falling asleep and cannot predict when sleep may occur.

Not count on the radio, open window or other "tricks" to keep you awake.

Respond to symptoms of fatigue by finding a safe place to stop for a break.

Pull off into a safe area from traffic and take a brief nap (15 to 45 minutes).

Drink coffee or another source of caffeine to promote short-term alertness if needed. (It takes about 30 minutes for caffeine to enter the bloodstream.)

You are not at your best if you are ill or very tired. Do not drive for at least 15 minutes after waking from sleep.

NOTE: See Chapter 9 for more information about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs.

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