Drum Month on May, 2023: What would be a good starting drum kit?

May, 2023 is Drum Month 2023. November is International Drum Month - Momtastic International Drum Month.

What would be a good starting drum kit?

Pretty much no matter which drum set you'll buy. There are things you will want to upgrade within a few months. Hope this all helps:

Pulse Pro 5 piece.

A good thing about this set is that it comes with EVERYTHING you need to start. But within a few months you'll want to replace the heads and the cheapy brass cymbals they come with. Within a year you may have to buy a good throne as the one they give you is rather lightweight. Make sure you get the Pulse Pro over the regular Pulses because there are some hardware issues (Pulse pro comes with RIMS mounts and their bass drum legs are more durable.) There's even one model that has black hardware, which is awesome for the money.

Ludwig Accent CS/Combo

This was the first drum set I ever owned. I also owned the same cymbals, but I bought them separately because three years ago the package wasn't included. You'll want to change the heads within 6 months and the throne within a year, but this drum set is SOLID.

Mapex QR Fusionease

Boomy bass drum and very musical sounding toms. Excellent quality bearing edges and hardware. Doesn't come with cymbals. Decent quality Remo single ply heads come with this set, but you'll want to replace them possibly within 6 months. Comes with lots of cymbal stands and a decent throne, but no cymbals.

Ddrum Diablo Player

Ddrum has come a long way in the last few years. Wood bass drum hoops, heavy duty hardware for under $600 is good. No cymbals, but I'd save up and get some Sabian B8 Pro's.

Look into some All Maple Pearl Exports on Ebay, you could probably find a set for $500 without cymbals, and that set would give you at least a decade of service.


Gretsch Catalina Maple

Two rack toms, two floor toms, 6 ply all maple shells, Gretsch quality. The only drawback is that there are no cymbal stands or cymbals. But seriously, you won't need another drum set after this one. It's a great buy for the money. The free 16" floor tom is a killer deal because by itself you'd probably pay $200 for it from Gretsch.

Is it possible to learn DRUMS within a month on a song?

Is it possible to learn DRUMS within a month on a song?

hello, i love this question because i went through the same thing only i was playing drums for 3 years before i had to perform in front of a HUGE audience, i am 13 and amazing drummer so my advise to you is to you and what i did is to buy the song on itunes, find sheet music and get on them drums.. !

what i do is get everyones number that is in the band and go to one of there houses and practice for 1hour and a half...you will want to practice at home everyday about 2 times a day for aleast 1hr and half..one month is a LONG time, dont get stressed out because 31 days you can learn alot so dont worry bout it



I would definately recommend the M Birch over the imperialstar anyday. If you already had a beginner set then don't waste your money on another one with crappy cymbals. The M Birch is a great quality intermediate drum kit, I realize that money may be an issue but even if you need to use your current cymbals for a few months until you can save up to buy good quality cymbals (i just bought one every 2 months for a year and now I have an incredible line up), it would be worth it. you would be very surprised the difference good quality instruments can make.

If you are looking for a cymbal pack I would recommend the following (in order)(they are expensive but will save you the job of matching the right cymbals up):

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