Employee Ownership Month on October, 2023: Employee Involvement Program.?

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Employee Involvement Program...?

An Employee involvement program -helps with building morale, fostering a spirit of teamwork among management and employees and strengthening relationships with key stakeholders. Yet, there have been limited studies focusing

on the needs of corporations in order to help them conduct more effective programs.

Some quick idea's that come to my mind:

*Employee Picnic-An employee picnic is a celebration! It's a celebration of their hard work, reaching goals and most of all, togetherness. A picnic is a time-proven way to show your employees how much you care for them and their families!

*Holiday Party-reward your employees with some frivolity and fun this holiday season

Budget considerations include cleanup, displays, invitations/postage, food/drink ect, decorations, entertainment, chair/table rental, guest/employee name tags,

*Open House-an employee open house at your printing company can reap valuable dividends by improving company awareness and employee morale, increasing the visibility of executive management, demonstrating your company and what they do , and enhancing your firm's image as it is perceived by employees and their families.

Budget considerations include plant cleanup, displays, invitations/postage, refreshments, decorations, entertainment, chair/table rental, guest/employee name tags, and product samples to give away.

* Employee Volunteerism

Also, Jim Collison, author of The Complete Suggestion Program Made Easy suggests the following on how to get started:

"The program helps improve employe morale. Everyone enjoys the recognition and the 'pats on the back,' and they like the prizes and awards they receive, also."

The cost savings from the CTA far outweigh the cost of administering the suggestion program. In one year the firm saw a savings of over $320,000...resulting from 323 employee ideas, for a 54% participation rate.

Suggestion Program Winners

Employees are recognized monthly, quarterly and yearly with monetary awards as well as other prizes. Two outstanding ideas of the month and two of the best safety suggestions are chosen each month. The winners receive monetary awards. Also, everyone who implements a suggestion gets a t-shirt and another item, such as a jacket, sweatshirt or gym bag.

At quarterly luncheons employees who participated in the program receive winning plaques and awards. Three merit awards are given for suggestions not chosen as "Ideas of the Month" but which were also noteworthy efforts. The employees' managers or supervisors present the awards.

Department awards are also given out at these luncheons for the departments that have 100% participation in the suggestion program, highest percentage of participation in the suggestion program, and most suggestions implemented. Trophies are presented to the team leader and each of the team members receives a prize...."

Humbly posted,

Devin Willis

CoffeeShop Ownership?

CoffeeShop Ownership?

things to consider

1. competition

2. clients

3. cost of supply

4. rent of real estate

5. wages to employees (don't forget S.S. tax)

6. utilities

7 Insurance (including workers comp)

remember you'll need startup and working capital. most businesses lose money first year

I recommend taking a few small business courses.. There is no set amount on what you put in. If you have a cart and sell just coffee, obviously, you'll put less into it than renting space at a local mall.

Contractor Ownership?

Contractor Ownership?

Being a contractor means you are NOT an employee and the company does not set your hours and work schedule and they do not pay you benefits (ie, medical insurance, etc). The company should not be deducting any taxes from you either. As an independent contractor you are responsible for paying your own taxes. They are paying you to write software and since you don't have a signed contract you will not get any royalties from the product you help create. You are simply being paid for your time and skill, but you are certainly not an employee.

If I come to paint your house and we agree on a price and completion date, you do not tell me that I must show up at 8:00am each morning to start work. I set my own schedule as an independent contractor and we will only have a problem if I don't finish on the date I specify.

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