Fairy Day 2022 is on Friday, June 24, 2022: A fairy costume for spirit day?

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Friday, June 24, 2022 is Fairy Day 2022. World Fairy Day: should we burst the bubble or not I never suggest that fairies

Fairy Day

Fairy Day is really a day for fairies, miracle, and desires in the future true. For just one day, reserve the cycnicism of today's world and embrace the options from the unknown, and have confidence in fairies…

A fairy costume for spirit day?

A fairy is easy to do.

Do a white t-shirt. Make the wings upper black (against the white t) and the lower white {against the black skirt).

How to Make Fairy Wings

There are many ways to make fairy wings. This is the affordable version.

Obtain four wire hangers. You might like to buy the type of coated hangers. These hangers are easier on the fingers when you bend them. Or, you can obtain them for free from your local dry cleaners, as they often recycle the hangers or even try to throw them away. You can also use a very thick beading wire, if you are making small wings -- 16 gauge or lower.

Start with two hangers. Cut the hook off down to the point where the wire spiral starts. Then bend the spiral part on one hanger to the right and on the other hanger to the left.

Take the two twisted parts and overlap them. Wrap them tightly with duct tape.

Repeat this process with two more hangers.

Bend the hangers into your desired wing shape. Often the top wings have a wider shape and the bottom ones are skinnier - it will assist you if you look at photos or illustrations of butterfly wings. You can also make great dragonfly wings by just making them have a long oval shape.

Use duct tape to join both sets of wings. You will now have 4 wings. At this point the wire structure is complete.

Take 4 knee high socks. You can get them at pharmacies, supermarkets and department stores. Stretch one over each wing. Pull it tight to the center and then twist the entire set of wings as you hold the end of the nylon. Usually you can then hook it on one of the ends of the wire hangin out. Otherwise, just twist them and hold the ends of the nylons to the center until all four wings are tight. Wrap them once again in the middle to hold the knee highs tight on the wings.

Wrap the middle of the wings with velvet and glue it with hot glue. Make sure to put the glue seam toward where your back will be so it's not showing.

Spray paint the edges of the wings before painting them. You can use acrylic paints and glitter to top off the wings.

Make the arm bands. You can use elastic head bands if you want color, or use elastic. It's good to put the elastic on before the velvet center in case you need to hide an elastic seam. To put the elastic loops on, first tie a knot in the elastic so it's a loop, then put it around both top and bottom wing on the right side, and bring the loop through itself between the wings. This is an easy way to put them on without having to sew them. If you do it right, the knot will be on the back side of the wing where it won't show.

Add feathers if you prefer the angel wing type to the guazy kind. This can be done with a lot of patience and store bought feathers by attaching double-sided tape to a wing and sticking the feathers on. Do one wing at a time and make sure the feathers go on with the quil going up. Do both sides of each wing. (Start from the bottom so that the next row of feathers will cover the quills of the lower row.)

TipsTo keep the wings from snagging and running easily, you can run superglue or glitter glue along the edges of the wings where the wire touches the panty hoes. You can also spray them with spray starch or with a clear acrylic sealant.

A pair of pliers will help you hold the wires and bend them precisely.

WarningsPlease wear a respirator if you are using spray paint.

Despite how quickly fairy wings are made in the video it actually generally takes a lot more time, so plan accordingly.

Things You'll Need4 wire coat hangers

Duct tape


Paint, glitter glue, etc.

Elastic or 2 girls' elastic headbands

craft feathers


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First, you must gain the fairies' trust. This is best done by gifts. They accept food, generally "cakes" (cookies, biscuits, or even a piece of bread) and something to drink. Milk is traditional, or ale, mead, or wine. Put it where a pet cannot reach it. The food will be there, physically, the next day, but the understanding is that the fairies have removed all the nutrition (the "essence") from it.

Another gift they appreciate are crystals. Many stores carry small tumbled stones. Metaphysical stores often have small quartz points and fluorite crystals that aren't too expensive. Leave these in a likely "fairy place." That's near a garden, in the soil of a potted plant, next to running water, up in a tree.

When you're in that area, talk quietly to the fairies, telling them that you respect them, that you hope they appreciated the gifts, and that you would like to communicate. You could also sing or hum as fairies like music. The best times for fairy contact are referred to as the 'tween times. Midnight, dawn, and dusk are best. Beltane (May 1) and Samhain (October 31) are also traditional days for fairy contact.

Your first contacts will be subtle. As you sit quietly in the area, being as still as possible, you may feel small tugs at your hair, or the feeling of something touching you very softly and gently. Don't think they're bugs and swipe at them or they'll be scared away. Gradually, they may reveal themselves to you. Always thank them for spending time with you.

What are some good ideas for a Modern Day Fairy Tale?

What are some good ideas for a Modern Day Fairy Tale?

the modern day fairy tale...start with the something like a kid from the bronx and a rich kid from beverly hills...do a romeo and juliet type of thing...but use this type of motto. the meet on a bus or subway...he romances her through song or poem and lots of dancing ya gotta have dancing in modern day fairy tales. u can have them secretly meeting at coffe shops or basketball games or football games. then the ending has to b either major tramatic tragedy ot major happy. u choose. but they can b denied by family and friends or excepted by some friends and dissed by others. u can make it cause problems within the circles of friends. its ur fairy tale. u can make it whatever u want. i hope this helps u. n good luck!!!!

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