Family Volunteer Day 2020 is on Sunday, November 22, 2020: Where can a family volunteer for a day while on vacation in Antigua Island? (in the Caribbean)?


Sunday, November 22, 2020 is Family Volunteer Day 2020. Short Term Volunteering‎ Provide care to children in need in Asia, Africa, Central America

Where can a family volunteer for a day while on vacation in Antigua Island? (in the Caribbean)?

Make a list of all the NGOs in Antigua. Research to find those that are credible:

Vetting Organizations in Other Countries

Then read this page:

transire benefaciendo

"to travel along while doing good."

Read in particular the section "Volunteering On Your Own Abroad"

In short - you are going to have to create a volunteering experience for this family.

Have you ever volunteered abroad?

Have you ever volunteered abroad?

Hello, Liz :)

I have volunteered with 3 different organisations (2 of which were combined together, so I guess it could count as solely 2 organisations). The first organisation I volunteered with, is the hospital I work in as they have links with voluntaring organisations in America (Florida, Texas and New York City to be spefic) and they also have many training courses with John Hopkins University. Every Summer I also take ill children to a pilgrim in Lourdes to meet the priests, and this is done through a French Catholic organisations, and you have to be French (my mother is French and I have lived & studied in France from some time) but they also have links with the British organisations (The Red Cross and the Salvation Army, however I am not sure if they do voluntaring abroad). You do have to pay for it yourself, I'm not sure how it would work over where you are in the States and every organisation is different. You did have to pay, but it wasn't too expensive. For the hospital one, where I mainly do my voluntaring in America, they help you pay for it, as the hospital has a large budget and in my hospital they have a massive volunteering organisation going on (I would name it, but I don't want to name the hospital where I work at, if you see what I mean) and what happens is: you pick the city/town where you want to work at, what you want to do and how long you stay for, the hospital picks for you and there's about 50 different organisations. The pilgrim to Lourdes, you don't have to pay, as the travel, meals and hotel is all included, but it's hard work.

The longest I volunteered was 2 months and that was in Florida, 2 weeks in New York, 2 weeks in Texas. 4 months in Paris, 1 week in Lourdes. I wish the volunteering in America was longer, as I love it, but as they have many volunteers who are paying and willing to give their free time to go, they have to make it fair to allow everyone a chance to go, and you can only go during certain times of the year (mid October to end of January, and then mid June to end of August). I am going to university this year - oh and I'm probably going to go to St. George's, as they have links with universities abroad and you can also do many more volunteering in America and all over the world, which I want to do, I am also going to continue volunteering in France and probably once a month in the year in America.

The first time I ever volunteered, I was alone and that was in Florida. There were other people there volunteering, but I was the only one from my work place, so I was alone and it took time to meet new friends. But, I got used to it very quickly and everyone was lovely and kind. I guess I got special treatment as I was the youngest, and the youngest person to ever volunteer there from another country. When I go to the pilgrim in Lourdes, you aren't by yourself, as there are 2 coaches that go with about 60 children who are very sick and hard to look after, so they need many volunteers. In Paris I was alone by myself, in Texas I was with 2 friends and in New York City, I went this last Christmas I was alone, but staying with my cousins, so I was with them, but in the organisation I was all alone.

I have had mainly good experiences, but whenever I volunteered in hospitals, rehab centres, care homes, soup kitchen and homeless shelters, it knocks you back a bit and leaves a whole in your heart. Seeing does people and the life they lead is very sad, and you think to yourself it could happen to you at any time, but they are so strong and with the help of people they will get better. It did change me in a good way, I've always been a nice person, but I felt like volunteering abroad, I learnt new experiences, new cultures, met different types of people, I love America of course (best place ever), but I became calm and less selfish - I realised that people have worse life than me and I shouldn't complain and when you leave you wonder what happened to them, but I know they are okay now, you also become more positive.

My main reason for volunteering was I was so bored, I never really had anything to do, and I love helping others, because I know if I was in that situation I'd want the help I am receiving. I have the travel bug, I love traveling and I get stir crazy if I'm not traveling and it's a great oppurinity to go abroad and help out. It looks good, you put it on your CV and it helps you get into university and a job a lot faster, leaves people impressed and wow'ed.

I would FOR SURE reccomend it :) You have to volunteer abroad Elizabeth if you have the chance. You wont regret it, and it will change you and you will meet wonderful people, and they are memories that cannot be bought they will stay in your heart and mind forever. The sad thing is when you leave you might cry. When I left Florida and New York City I couldn't stop crying :( but that shows I had a good time.

Family Day Trip Ideas?

Family Day Trip Ideas?

Do something that the teens would like. Does it have to be all the family together? If you have two girls and one boy could maybe the girls do something with mom and the boys do something with dad.

If that were to be possible maybe the girls could go to the spa or get their nails done, get a massage, get there hair done or something girly.

The boy and his dad could go runa 5k or ice fish something?

If this would not be the case here are some other ideas.

Go hiking somewhere. Though it may be winter, sometimes the snow months make hiking all the more beautiful.

Go to an indoor water park/ amusement park if you live in a wamer part.

Go to the movies? I mean thats family time where you guys cant really fight.

Go to a musem.

Take a class together such as a cooking class.

or volunteer! go donate blood together, help at a soup kitchen, go to a orphanage and play with the children. The orphanage idea may remind them about how important family is

Go watch a play/musical

go ice skating

go bowling

go watch a hockey game/football game/basketball game or any other professional sport.

I would ask the teenagers what they would like to do so that they would be satisfied and happy. Before going remind them that this is a family get away and they should make the most out of it or it will never happen again.

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