Feral Hog Month or Hog Out Month on October, 2023: Catching Feral hogs and feeding them grain?

October, 2023 is Feral Hog Month or Hog Out Month 2023. Victoria Advocate Feral hog populations are an

Catching Feral hogs and feeding them grain?

Ever heard the saying, " you are what you eat". Well this is very true about animals..... If most people had a taste of "range" cattle, they'd stop eating beef..... Beef and hogs are sent to feed lots where they are grained for approximatley 30 days before being slaughtered. This takes the wild gamie taste out of them.... I have on occassion killed a rangy cow because they were wild and we couldn't actually round them up.... so I'd shoot them, people couldn't and wouldn't beleive it was beef..... I've had wild pig from texas, killed 2 a couple of years ago and they also have a gamie taste... feeding grain would take care of that but, I'd feed them for a month, not just 2 weeks.....

Looking to hunt hogs near Baton Rouge LA?

Looking to hunt hogs near Baton Rouge LA?

You don't have to travel very far to hunt hogs. The Sherburne WMA located close to Baton rouge would be a great place to hunt hogs for free. But you will have to do it during the legal hunting season that will run from Oct. !st to Feb. 28th.

You may kill a hog at anytime during that time frame. The hogs in Louisiana have become a nuisance species in every WMA in the state, both in both Federal and state reserves.

You can locate the hogs by driving down the road system and look for tracks and hog wallows. Plus muddy rubs on trees and bushes. Scout out the low lying areas for hog sign and learn it well. You can kill all the hogs you may wish to kill. There will not be a limit on them.

Scout out the WMA during the late summer so you will have the hogs located by Oct. 1st, the opening day of squirrel season. Archery season will also be going on during that time.You can kill the hogs with any weapon that is legal for whatever season is in progress. In Oct. that would be a shotgun. a rimfire rifle, a bow or a crossbow.

During deer season and primitive weapons season, you can use the centerfire weapons or any thing that is legal for the primitive weapons., The primitive weapons could be muzzle loaders or any of the older calibers such as 45/70......444 Marlin......and 44 Magnum, if it is a type of 44 that does not eject the spent cartridge mechanically. Plus there are several other calibers you may use , but do your research and see which and what models are acceptable during the primitive weapons season.

If you like hog hunting, you are in hog heaven in Louisiana. All over the state hogs can be taken, just follow the legal rules and guide lines.

Why is there such large wild hog problem in texas

Why is there such large wild hog problem in texas, especially the south and where is the bst plc to hunt them?

The hogs are feral hogs. Either they were once domestic hogs that got loose or their parents were. At any rate, they come from domestic stock that got loose and began to run in the woods, Hogs are very prone to going feral when they are let run loose. Add to this that they reproduce rather rapidly and the Texas environment provides a lot of food for them and you begin to see whay there are so many of them and why they get so big. It is interesting to see just how quickly a hog will go feral. You can release a typical domestic hog and let irt run wild and it will start to develop long tusks, long lanky body and shaggy hair within a few months to a year. They revert very quickly. In many places, they have become a serious problem. When I hunted in Llano, Texas, the rancher always asked us to kill two things in addition to deer. If we saw a feral hog, they wanted it killed. There was no charge for it and we could keep it or just leave it lay. The other thing was wild dogs. Domestic dogs would get loose and form packs just like wolves, coyotes, etc. They could become very damaging to young domestic stock and fawns. The ranchers wanted them shot on sight as well.

If I were looking for a place to hunt feral hogs, I would look either in East Texas around Lufkin or Nacagdoches or in Central Texas around Llano. You could write to the Chamber of Commerce in each of these towns and ask for the names of farmers/ranchers who were offering hog hunts. If you get a deer lease in either of these places, the hogs normally go with the lease. Over south west of San Antonio, you will find feral hogs but you will also find Javalina as well. They are small but can be viscious. I have hunted South Texas near the Mexican border and have had a Javalina walk up near me while I was watching for a deer. They can scare the day lights out of you because as soon as they know you are there, they will start popping their teeth at you. They will almost always run away but will scare the bejeebers out of you at first.

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