Fireworks Safety Month on June, 2023: May and June are months of what awareness or cause?

June, 2023 is Fireworks Safety Month 2023. Fireworks2012Infographic340x ... Fireworks Injuries

May and June are months of what awareness or cause?

i saw the question and started to wonder and then started to look it up and was shocked to see the list im going to paste may/ june then provide the link i used.


Better Hearing And Speech Month

Better Sleep Month

Correct Posture Month

Creative Beginnings Month

Family Support Month

Get Caught Reading Month

Good Car-Keeping Month

Helping American Youth Month

Hepatitis Awareness Month

High Blood Pressure Awareness Month

Mental Health Month

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

Older Americans Month

Osteoporosis Prevention Month

Personal History Awareness Month

Physical Fitness And Sports Month

Recommitment Month

Revise Your Work Schedule Month

Scholarship Month

Self-Discovery Month

Senior Citizens Month

Senior Travel Month

Sight Saving Month

Stroke Awareness Month

Teaching And Joy Month

Tuberous Sclerosis Awareness Month


Aphasia Awareness Month

Children’s Awareness Month

Entrepreneurs “Do It Yourself” Marketing Month

Fireworks Safety Month

Gay And Lesbian Pride Month

International Men’s Month

Myasthenia Gravis Awareness Month

People Skills Month

Rebuild Your Life Month

Rivers Month

Scleroderma Awareness Month

Student Safety Month

Vision Research Month

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Are there any risks involving a pregnant women going to watch fireworks?

Are there any risks involving a pregnant women going to watch fireworks?

NO - as long as you practice normal, customary fireworks safety rules!

1-don't go near where the fireworks are being set off (usually out of limits anyways)

2- don't be in an area where there may be fallout (again, if it's a public fireworks display - they're usually over the lake or off-limits).

Bring an extra bottle of water. Pregnancy causes dehyrdation at a faster rate.

Don't worry - I'm 4 months pregnant with twins - and I had to call my doc just to be sure too! But I've gone twice already, and going again tonight.

Happy 4th of July!

what fireworks does san diego california allow?

what fireworks does san diego california allow?

Joe C. is right. Not even sparklers are allowed. The reason is two fold. First the major fireworks have a reputation for hurting people, so it's a safety issue. Secondly due to the dry conditions in California during July, the whole state is concerned about fires.

There are public firework displays that are awesome. Just check the paper or the TV news as it gets closer to the 4th to find the location nearest to where you'll be.

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