Flossing Day 2022 is on Monday, November 28, 2022: Do you floss every day?

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Monday, November 28, 2022 is Flossing Day 2022. Why Flossing is a Must, Not a Maybe National Flossing Day

Flossing Day

Flossing Day motivates the normal usage of dental floss to advertise healthy and balanced teeth and gums.

Do you floss every day?

I used to floss pretty much every day for the past few years...then about a week ago a co-worker told me that he had been to the dentist...

Apparently the dentist told him that a water pik was better than flossing...

I had thought that the object of flossing was to floss on my gums and keep them back and I thought that was 'healthy' ...

but it turns out that by doing that I have been just pushing my gums up and exposing more of my teeth (the nerves on the teeth I guess, which I guess is bad) and also by the gums being pushed back like that they don't hold the teeth in as well he told me...and they will get loose!

anyway...I need to reevalutate the whole flossing idea now...

Do you floss every day?

Do you floss every day?

flossing should be done everyday. some people have high caries index that is they are very prone to caries. they should be very particular abut flossing and brushing. for ore information on flossing you can visit following very informative link.

they further have the facility for free dental consultation by a dentist.

Do you floss every day?

Do you floss every day?

no. flossing hurts. I never do it. then the day of my dentist appointment I totally regret that. then they do it and it hurts like heck!

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