Get Ready for Kindergarten Month on August, 2023: ready for kindergarten?

August, 2023 is Get Ready for Kindergarten Month 2023. August is Get Ready for Kindergarten Month get ready for kindergarten

ready for kindergarten?

Before accepting my job as a preschool teacher working at a Kindergarten readiness program, I did my homework and answered the question, "What is kindergarten readiness?" Most of my answers came directly from Kindergarten teachers.

A child is ready for kindergarten when they can show two things: 1)Enthusiasm and 2) Ability to learn. Does she have these two things? If you can confidently answer yes, then she is ready.

You may care to address the fine motor issue separately. I see some others have posted resources. Girls tend to develop fine motor skills faster than boys, it may be worth getting a professional opinion/evaluation. Does she avoid doing fine manipulation of objects or things like playing with playdough? If so, I would seriously consider getting it checked out by a professional. if she enjoys or at least tries these things consistently, she's more than like just a late bloomer.

A parent is a child's first teacher, you know your child well enough to make this judgment call. Worst case, she can repeat Kindergarten, and from what I remember, Kindergarten was a LOT of fun - I'd go back any day :-)

Finally, with potty training - she'll get it. The less you think about it and worry about it, the faster she'll get it. I've never seen a seven year old wearing diapers (for non-developmental reasons) so obviously she's going to get it. Don't stress and she won't either.

Good luck with everything!

Will my son be ready for Kindergarten?

Will my son be ready for Kindergarten?

He is ready. Kindergarten is just the structure he needs right now. When he gets away from you for a while and learns rules and a schedule, he will fall right in.

Getting my child ready for kindergarten?

Getting my child ready for kindergarten?

I agree that you probably don't need to start right now on that time table...but good for you to be considering it! It will definately pay off to have him somewhat adjusted to a schedule prior to Kindergarten. Someone mentioned August. Yes, a month is usually sufficient. Our Kindergarten is a full day...and I'm going to assume yours will be as least by next year. Legislation. :-) Our son's schedule is up at 7AM on the bus by school all day...home at 4:30P and in bed at 7PM and back at it. He requires a lot of sleep. Unfortunately for him, there is not a nap time in Kindergarten (not that he would rest during that time)...just something you are going to want to consider. Our son is a "weekend napper". You'll be amazed how quickly they adjust to a new schedule. Bathroom breaks depend on the teacher. Most of the time they have a bathroom in their classroom and the kids go when they need to go. If your son is dependent on you telling him when he needs to go (which is sometimes the case)...start now in refraining from telling him when he needs "to try". It's important that he recognizes his body needs...even when it's a busy day. Kindergarten is BUSY!

Other considerations:

If you are going to send him in tie shoes...please teach him how to tie his own shoes prior to Kindergarten. Otherwise send him in elastic or velcro.

He should have a MINIMUM of a 10 minutes attention span.

If he hasn't experienced being away from you...please provide opportunities for this to take place. It will help with the transition. Also, it's benefitial if you can find a story time or playgroup in the area if he hasn't had much social interaction with other children. It's also benefitial if you do not have to be in attendence during these times, so he's accustomed to taking responsibility for his own behaviors.

Please send him in snap or elastic pants. Even at Kindergarten...buttons do not work well. The teacher doesn't have time to help out on a regular basis with self-help skills...dress him so he can be completely independent.

Please remember they WILL get dirty and you will have more holes in the knees of his pants then ever before!!! Dress him in play clothes!

If you are going to have a certain routine in the morning prior to getting to school...start that out in August as well. Setting his clothes near or in the bathroom the night before and having him go potty and get dressed (all by himself) prior to coming to breakfast has been a GREAT help for our family. That way time isn't spent on making decisions. My son doesn't care what he wears yet...but when he does...we will be making those clothing decisions the night before and no changing minds in the morning.

Good luck! Your son will definately benefit from getting into a schedule...even if it's not exactly the schedule that he will be in for Kindergarten...just having a general routine of what will be taking place will help. If you allow him to go to sleep late and sleep in...adjust that over time...this is actually the hardest part you may need to start that a little sooner than August...that way you can take your time and change it in small increments.

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