Giving Tuesday 2022 is on Friday, December 2, 2022: WHY IS IRS GIVING TUESDAYS FOR TAX REFUND DIRECT DEPOSIT DATES?

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Friday, December 2, 2022 is Giving Tuesday 2022. giving‎ Browse GlobalGiving's projects and donate to grassroots projects today

it was #GivingTuesday,

Giving Tuesday refers to the Tuesday after Thanksgiving in the United States (always held on a Thursday in late November).


By Tuesday,Not on Tuesday.Meaning you can get it anytime between now and Tuesday.You may get it tomorrow and if not by the 2nd,depending on when your bank makes your refund available to you.They more than likely will send it tomorrow,but the irs ALWAYS adds 4 extra days to the date they will send your refund just to give your bank enough to process your deposit before you start calling the irs asking why you don't have your refund on the date they stated,that's the reason for the 4 extra days.

Gerbils gave birth last Tuesday, how long until next litter is born?

Gerbils gave birth last Tuesday, how long until next litter is born?

Female gerbils and other small rodents can, and usually do, breed within hours of giving birth. She could have babies 3 weeks from the day the first litter was born...but it could take longer. I would suggest increasing the amount of protein she recieves while she is pregnant and nursing...give her pieces of high quality dog food (or puppy biscuits) or scrambled eggs.

Males must be separated from the mother and their sisters between 4 and 5 weeks of age or they may get the sisters or the mother pregnant.

PLEASE separate your male and female before she gives birth to the second litter! It is extremely stressful on a female's body to be bred repeatedly back to back and may shorten her lifespan. If you got them both from the same place they are likely also related already and not very genetically healthy. Also keep in mind that they can have well over 10 babies in each litter and you will have to be able to find home for all of them...or keep all of them. They will need a considerable amount of space if you keep them all, and you may end up with some fighting that need to be separated.

giving blood for the first time on tuesday?

giving blood for the first time on tuesday?

I would recommend eating a light meal before you donate. Avoid anything that is too heavy such as fried foods or very rich foods. Also make sure that you drink plenty of water before,during, and after giving blood. If you are afraid of needles try to keep your mind on something else during the procodure and don't watch when they stick you. It may help to strike up a conversation with the person that draws your blood (try talking about the weather). Try to relax, the procedure really is not painful and it will be done before you know it. It's wonderful that you are donating your blood to help others. With blood supplies at very low levels, your donation will make a big difference!

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