Global Day of Parents 2023 is on Thursday, June 1, 2023: what is wrong with parents these days?

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Thursday, June 1, 2023 is Global Day of Parents 2023. Global Day of Parents, 1 June The Global Day of Parents is

what is wrong with parents these days?

Honestly I think the generation switch will solve alot of problems. I really have faith in our generation to fix global problems once our parents generation hands power down.

It really is the generation gap. And if you think about it it makes sense. The world it moving at a MUCH faster pace now than it was when our parents were growing up.

School is harder. Technology is changing DAILY. Information can be moved around the globe in seconds.

Think about this. Our grandparents were raised in the tough times of the 1940s and 50s. The world moved at a much slower pace then and when they had kids and raised them in the 60s and 70s, while there was still the teenage rebel-ness that all teenagers have, teenagers and there parents could relate a little more and the teens were raised to have the same religious, moral, and political views as their parents and family.

Today the world move so rapidly and teens (though many will be quick to disprove my ideas) are much more informed, politically active and are able to make their own, informed opinions which a lot of times conflicts with the views of their parents. My theory as to the low number of teens who actually vote is because of a lack of real choice. I mean seriously, Bush or Kerry? The world was doomed either way. This year will be a VERY decisive year for American and world policy and I think there will be a much bigger turnout. We can also get any information we want by browsing the internet. Information is just right there. When we ask are parents why such and such is morally right and they say "Because it is" or "Because the bible/torah says so" we take that as a minor set back and research it for ourselves. When our parents were young they didn't have those resources and just had to take what they were given and accept it.

The reason in my mind people think our generation is so "disrespectful" is that we don't have to accept what our parents say. We have the resources to figure out how we feel about things and inform ourselves about it. back in the day our parents really had no choice because they really just didn't know any better.

So anyway, I got really off track there but the lack of good parenting is based in my opinion on the fact that the parents of today were raised in a REALLY different environment and the same parenting principals just don't apply/work with the well informed and independent teenagers that we are.

That's my opinion. I hope your brain didn't fry from reading all of it =P

And In response to Debbie. Fair punishment is one thing. I have nothing against consequences, punishment, or sitting down and having a stern talk with your kids. Emotional abusive, physical abuse, over-asserting authority, attempts at total control, and unfair treatment is just messed up. My parents are very emotionally abusive and it's not just because I'm a teenager and am "sensitive at this age". There is a pretty blatant line between punishment and control that a lot of parents cross and parents chose to ignore it at blame it on puberty. How we expect world peace yet can't even have a decent relationship with our parents/kids is beyond me.

opinions on global warming?

opinions on global warming?

Do scientists agree about global warming?

Scientists who study the climate are still arguing about how fast the earth is warming and how much it will warm, but they do agree that the earth is warming and that it will keep warming if we don’t do anything about it.

I hope this will help you do something about it

What is causing global warming?

Scientists agree that the burning of fossil fuels like oil and coal cause greenhouse gases to escape into the air and that these gases are causing most of the warming. Another cause is deforestation (cutting down trees). Trees soak up carbon dioxide, one of the greenhouse gases, from the air.

What is the difference between "global warming" and "climate change?"

"Global warming" refers to the increase of the Earth's average surface temperature, due to a build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. "Climate change" is a broader term that refers to long-term changes in climate, including average temperature and precipitation.

What will happen if global warming continues?

There are already some changes happening because of global warming. Sea level is rising and some animals are already moving to new homes. It’s already too late to stop global warming completely.

If the warming gets worse, as scientists expect, there may be some kinds of plants and animals that become extinct (disappear completely) because they can’t move to new homes. There may be more storms and floods. Sea level may rise so much that people have to move away from the coasts. Some areas may become too dry for farming.

What is being done about global warming?

Global warming is a very difficult problem to fix. People are having a hard time agreeing on what to do about it. For example, everyone agrees that wasting energy is a bad thing to do. But some people think that the federal government should make laws about it, while other people think it should be up to each person or business to decide what to do.

Many states and businesses in the United States are not waiting until the federal government decides what to do. They have already started working on the problem.

What can I do about global warming?

You don’t have to wait until you are grown to do something about global warming. Scientists agree that the burning of fossil fuels is causing global warming. Since these fuels are burned for energy, and everyone uses energy, everyone can help stop global warming just by using less energy.

Think about the things you do each day that use energy. The lights in your house use electricity. The TV and computer use electricity. The washing machine, dishwasher and dryer all use gas or electricity. Every time you ride in your car, it uses gasoline.

There are some very simple things that everyone can do to help stop global warming:

· Turn off the lights when you leave a room. Use fluorescent bulbs in your room.

· Turn off your computer or the TV when you’re not using it. Unplug chargers when not in use.

· Wait until you have a lot of clothes to wash before using the washing machine. Don’t use the machine for one item just because it’s your favorite shirt.

· Take shorter showers. Heating water uses energy.

· Close the blinds on a hot day if the sun is shining in. Dress lightly instead of turning up the air conditioning. Or use a fan.

· Dress warmly when it’s cold, instead of turning up the heat.

· Offer to help your parents keep the air filters on your AC and furnace clean.

· Walk short distances instead of asking for a ride in a car.

· Plant a tree.

How hard is parenting these days?

How hard is parenting these days?

Ridiculously difficult and expensive. I value my livelihood.

Besides, having kids causes global warming. Want to save the environment? Stop using so much energy--stop having so many children.

I was adopted myself, and honestly whenever I see someone pregnant, it makes me sad to see them bringing someone else in the world when there are unwanted children everywhere.

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