Global Health and Fitness Month on May, 2021: Questions on health please help 2?


May, 2021 is Global Health and Fitness Month 2021. Employee Health & Fitness Month 2013 Global Employee Health

Questions on health.... please help 2?

10. adrenaline

11. alarm

12. DNA

13. stress response

14. acceptance

15. physical health

16. health

17. wording of question isn't clear. shame borderline illiterates run the schools.

18. none of the above; intellectual health.

19. asthma

20. the answer the teacher wants is eustress, but this is only because she or he is a cog in a machine for human oppression

21. stalking, and its even worse if he holds out fear and political power over her head. then it's hostage taking. (the teacher wants you to say "denial")

22. I think 4, but it could be 1. check your notes on stress response and digestion. alternatively, look up how digestion relates to the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. it think its inverse for the other nervous system subresponses, but I'm not certain.

23. The answer the teacher wants--as is clear from the use of the term "child-like"--regression, is theoretically loaded. What's actually going on is compensation. Most modern humans live under conditions of intense emotional, social, and intellectual restraint. They evolved to cope with domination and oppression by fighting the oppressors. Since the death of civics, there is no realistic avenue for this. Compensating high-activity oppositional-type behavior develops as a result having no realistic method of changing a system of oppression.

The solution is for people with these problems not to "grow up" in the sense of dealing with frustrations by breathing exercises and other thing which make them fit better into an oppressive, stifling social system, but rather to organize politically to overthrow the existing social order, by armed violence if necessary.

24. Recognize that the reason for your anger at failing the test is probably because you face a life as a cog in a machine that does nothing better than move massive quantities of material goods and power to a small number of unworthy people, while keeping the rest of humanity either starving, or in fear of starving and therefore running in hamster wheels, or else (in the nicer countries) zombified by drugs and electronic media. Running in the hamster wheel is frustrating, and not getting the little social approval chits they feed you to keep you running on the wheel allows the suppressed frustration to surface.

After recognizing this, join an armed resistance group for the purpose of overthrowing the neoliberal global government (New World Order).

Original hoodia supplement?

Original hoodia supplement?

Cool looking dog! I had a husky as I was growing up as a child. They're great dogs!

At any rate, what most of the folks have shared with you here is true but I'll just provide a little more detailed information and assistance.

For starters, stay away from any of those hoodia supplements you find at retail chains or discount stores - GNC included. They're cheap, but they're cheap for a reason! The hoodia diet pills you'll find at those places contain very little, if any, hoodia gordonii. That's why they're so inexpensive. Furthermore, the majority of them contain other ingredients which are not only unnecessary, but may be harmful (i.e. they contain stimulants).

The best hoodia diet pills will contain 100% authentic hoodia gordonii and nothing else. They aren't cheap, however, as they'll set you back about $60 per bottle and will only last 20-30 days.

All hoodia gordonii does is suppress your appetite. It contains a molecule, known as P57, that tricks the brain into thinking it is full. The idea behind hoodia supplements is that you'll eat less because you'll feel full.

Hoodia supplements don't burn fat, they don't increase metabolism, and they don't do anything else....period. Likewise, they are not a stimulant and have virtually no side effects. The only side effects I've read about is that some have reported minor stomach upset and some have reported a "bad taste" in their mouth, but other than that, they have on side effects.

Now, are hoodia supplements right for you given your condition? Probably not. Unless you get hungry all the time and because of your hunger you eat everything in site, then they *might* be able to help but I doubt that describes you.

Since you are unable to exercise, the best thing you can do is really work on your diet. Eat several small meals throughout the day (5-6 meals) and drink plenty of water. I know that's a pretty basic tip, but it can work wonders.

If you need additional help and further guidance, I have three resources that might be beneficial to you. One is called Global Health and Fitness. They are an online weight loss site where you are given direct access to nutrition specialists. They will custom design a diet specifically for you and your condition. They charge $60 (the same price you'd spend on a bottle of hoodia diet pills) for 3 months. You can also try their 30-day trial membership for $5. It might be worth considering as they may be able to create a diet for your condition.

Another resource is eDiets. I'm not a big fan of this site because they have all kinds of fees and restrictions, but they have a number of diets and diet planning tools that could be of help.

Finally, if you're not interested in a membership-style site, then there is one ebook that I would highly recommend and it only costs $39. It's written by Jon Benson and it's called "Fit Over 40." The book contains diet plans and strategies from 52 "real" people who have had to overcome various conditions to get fit.

I've provided a link below that has full reviews of these additional resources.

P.S. There are lots of other free resources online as well, but given your condition, I would recommend that you get "professional" help, which the resources I've pointed out will provide, instead of trying to wade through all the stuff you'll find online.

Best of luck to you.


Acai berry, colon cleanse and appetite suppressor?

Acai berry, colon cleanse and appetite suppressor?

Girl, you are seriously in need of an education. Acai doesn't work. Cleanses don't work. And appetite suppressors don't work unless you call eating a meal an appetite suppressor. There are no supplements for burning fat that work. They're all scams and YA does give us enough room to explain all the details...and you need a lot of details. So, let's talk about acai.

The acai berry has no special properties and has nothing to do with fat loss. The myth began when a doctor, Dr. Mehmet Oz, from Columbia Uni mentioned the berry on the Oprah show and supplements makers, being the scammers they are, began promoting products using acai as having beneficial properties they don't have often invoking the names of Oprah an Dr. Oz. Oprah and Oz filed suit against many supplements makets and the acai myth was born. Go here to read about it --> Consumers, being credulous and ignorant of how supplements scammers bilk the public, began repeating and propagating the myth to the point of it becoming a global meme.

Here's an example of how scammers have created fake news websites just to sell acai junk to credulous web surfers. Ref:

Note the excerpt: "FTC Seeks to Halt 10 Operators of Fake News Sites from Making Deceptive Claims About Acai Berry Weight Loss Products. Internet Marketers Falsely Claim Endorsement from ABC, Fox News, CBS, CNN, USA Today, and Consumer Reports, FTC Alleges"

Here's an complaint forum about Acai Fit. Ref:

Note the excerpt: "Ordered Acai-Fit weight loss pills online. They advertise Free Trial for 1 month if you just pay shipping. Sounds good but you are billed $74.82 after 14 days of using the product! This is completely nonrefundable. At that point you can only stop future shipments. It defiantly takes more time to see if a product works. Even though I saw no effects, they still charged me. Do yourself a favor READ THE FINE PRINT. Not a mistake I will make again! Don't be fooled. If it seems to be too good to be true...IT IS."

Forget the acai berry..unless you're familiar with it and happen to like it. It does nothing special. End of story.

There is a lesson to be learned from the acai berry phenomena and that is that most supplement makers are frauds, fakes, and only interested in taking your money. In particular the areas of diet and fitness are plagued with such charlatans and beset with countless myths and you'll see them every day in this forum. From protein shakes and muscle building supplements to silly Shake Weight and Ab Circle equipment to fad diets and green tea and Shape-Up toning shoes and on and on the BS runs rampant in Diet & Fitness. So, always be skeptical of and apply critical thinking to all advertising, reviews, articles, blogs, testimonials, and anything else which can be subverted by scammers. If a scammer can use it, they are.

If you want to lose fat and keep it gone, you're going to have to learn how to eat right. That's a whole nother story and I don't have room to tell it. So, use the links below. Dig out the information. And stop looking for easy ways to fat loss because there are none.

Good luck and good health!!

PS: Here are some good websites you may find useful.







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