Global Smurfs Day 2022 is on Wednesday, June 22, 2022: Heres your thought of the DAY!!?

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Wednesday, June 22, 2022 is Global Smurfs Day 2022. GLOBAL SMURFS DAY: JUNE 25, 2011 GLOBAL SMURFS DAY: JUNE 25,

Heres your thought of the DAY!!?

hunting is anI'mal abuse, people just make it out not to be and its not going to change anytime soon.(sadly)

parents try to teach discipline and respect and stuff i guess(its true really)

the thinking purple

and the last one i say global warming?i donno

When everything is linked to global warming, then how long till...?

When everything is linked to global warming, then how long till...?

It's smurfing stoopid isn't it? I think we should smurf the smurful smurfing smurfs.

Everyone!!! the end of days will start this may.......?

Everyone!!! the end of days will start this may.......?

not like Zeus my friend...Did Zeus correctly say that a nation would be scattered throughout the world and by Gods hand be regathered and become a country again? Israel was gone for 1800 years and them being back in the land is a great fulfillment of prophecy. Also many of the events in the tribulation involve the anti christ in the temple stopping the daily sacrifice of animals. Who sacrifices animals today? Well israel intends too; they have priests trained and replicated all the temple items and are awaiting the Messiah who will bring peace and the temple. The bible says Israel will be a thorn in the side of the whole world but once they are regathered they will not be thrown out forever more. The 67 war was a miracle victory and Jesus said when they are saying peace and safety sudden destruction will come. The Nations described as coming against Israel in Ezekiel 38 all now all politically aligned which include Russia and Turkey and Iran. Iran and Russia have never been aligned and Turkey was Israel best friend until the last couple years. The bible predicts a one world political and economic that is certain to come.

I do not think this group is going to be right; but they are much closer to being right than you are. The tribulation begins with a 7 year treaty of peace between Israel and the many. The wrath and turmoil are in the last half of the tribulation. The world will be in a sorry state to usher this in...out of chaos comes order so this financial crisis will get so big that a global solution will be pushed. Zeus was fairy tales the bible is breathed by God and if you took the time to study prophecy a bit you would agree with me. Look up the prophecy regarding Tyre and see how it was fulfilled... it never misses. God is outside of time you can bank on it coming to pass.

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