Good Neighbor Day 2023 is on Thursday, September 28, 2023: When is good neighbor day?

Thursday, September 28, 2023 is Good Neighbor Day 2023. Good Neighbor Day Promo on Vimeo Good Neighbor Day Promo

Good Neighbor Day

Not such a long time ago, the planet felt just like a more compact place, and everyone understood everyone else within their neighborhood. Now, a lot of us aren’t acquainted with our neighbors, and just talk to them in passing. Why don't you use Good Neighbor Day being an chance to lend a proverbial cup of sugar, and become familiar with those who live nearby?

When is good neighbor day?

Good Neighborhood Day took place on July 4, 2011. It consists of several events, of which there were fund-raisers that benefit local ambulance and rescue companies.

World Peace Day takes place on November 17, 2011

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Noisy neighbor in the day?

Noisy neighbor in the day?

I suspect your neighbor starts his projects at 7 am because it gets hot in the summer. I mow my yard at 7:00 am because if I wait until 8, it's already 10 degrees hotter and by 10 am it's too hot to work in the yard.

He has the right to work in his yard during daylight hours. You are the one with the odd sleep schedule.

So, do what you can to noise proof your room and invest in a good set of ear plugs.



Why does he have to be trained before he is allowed inside? Also, what's the difference between training him inside or outside?

I was in this situation. My neighbor two houses down left her dog in the garage and it barked all day and all night. It drove me and my husband crazy. I literally could not think straight. I called Animal Care and Control so many times I lost count. You can't just leave your dog somewhere for hours on end and expect him to be fine. Dogs need love and attention. I was concerned for the dog because I did not know if he had food and water, or if something was wrong. Maybe that is why your neighbors are "stalking" you.

If you don't rememdy the situation your neighbors will band together and complain to AC&C. When more than one neighbor complains and/or signs a letter saying the dog is a nuisance your dog will be taken away.

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