Goth Day 2021 is on Saturday, May 22, 2021: Can someone explain modern day goth to me?


Saturday, May 22, 2021 is Goth Day 2021. World Goth Day Dot Com - get your goth on around the world for a day! A plain Goth Day Smiley GIF

Goth Day

Put on black garments, white make-up, and come close to the world from a various angle. Unleash your internal goth for Goth Day!

Can someone explain modern day goth to me?


They usually listen to death metal and goth music, such as Dismember and Bauhaus. Marilyn Manson is NOT goth. He's just...weird. Real goths are not depressing and suicidal like the posers you see at Hot Topic. Goths are fun to be around and aren't afraid to laugh at themselves every so often. They don't worship Satan and aren't evil despite what some ignorant people might say. Goths don't all dress alike either. They like to create their own unique style. Goths are also very intelligent and creative. A lot of them are writers and artists. Goths DON'T envy the popular people. They are what they are because it makes them happy. Goths would rather stay who they are and be among the so called "freaks" than be like everyone else and be popular. They understand that there are more important things in life than popularity, and usually succeed in life while the popular ones don't become much of anything. If someone becomes "goth" because they couldn't get any friends or are depressed and angry all the time, they are most likely a poser.

goths Morten day goths?

goths Morten day goths?

a good place to get some information on goth would be wikipedia

but by no means is this totally accurate. Another fun source would be "What is goth" by Voltaire, which is a tongue and cheek book he wrote with his normal satirical wit about goth.

Basically goths are avid fans of goth rock, that participate at least a little in the subculture.

It has nothing to do with religion, (heck most goths I know personally are either christians or pagans) your emotional state, or any of that other junk.

Goth rock is a music genre that started in the late 70's to early 80's out of punk and post punk. (Goth rock was more introspective than punk, and often dealt with dark themes, nihilism, romanticism, gothic horror, or various philosophies.) Bands like the Sisters of Mercy, Christian Death, Bauhaus, etc... (Some would also say the Cure, but they are more goth friendly than actually being goth rock. More recent bands would be Voltaire, Cruxshadows, London after Midnight, and the like.)

On goth looks, there are actually a heck of alot more than what you likely think... (including perky goths in bright colors and on sugar highs :p ) But alot of their original outfits came from people dressing like musicians in the bands, or dressing in new romatic clothing styles. (This is the frilly victorian look you see at goth clubs) Most do not dress in all black but rather use it to contrast with a purple, deep red, or white... draws more attention. Likewise the white makeup draws attention to the face, and the black highlights only strengthen the look while in a club.

The black boots started out as combat boots (and Doc Martins) and got more ornate as time went on that is all. (Though many wear pointy boots vs. the more rounded combat boots now.) And the look is just a means of expression... it is fun.

But the looks and all are just an addon, a real goth is someone that is an avid fan of the music who participates a little in the subculture... it is a music subculture after all. That is all.

By the way the term for someone who is not into goth rock that calls themselves a goth is a "spooky kid", which came from Manson fans as many of them claim to be goth because they are fans of manson. Manson is not goth rock, his band is shock rock. Just like HIM and Evanesence are not goth... they are love metal and alternative respectively.

If you are using alot of websites on goth be careful, there is alot of misinformation out there due to people getting it wrong and then deciding to write about it... it is actually pretty amusing most of the time.

Goth dress up day?????

Goth dress up day?????

One of the biggest goth fashion rules is NO JEANS! because they are too mainstream. For a traditional goth look, you'll want to stick to black or dark burgundy, and wear fabrics like crushed velvet, leather and lace. You'll also want to incorporate black fishnets, platform boots or Mary Jane's, and make your skin as pale as possible without it looking too costumey (no white makeup if you have dark skin). Short skirts and corsets are your friend.

For makeup, use a light colored foundation and powder on your face and neck, then use black liquid liner and black eyshadow with a lot of black mascara, either no blush or create a hollow effect by using grey shadow or contour beneath the cheekbones, and blood red lipstick (black lipstick is too cliche).

For hair, stay away from brown, which is once again, too mainstream. If you can, get a black wig with very straight hair, or one with volume (for an Elvira look). You could also go for a dark red wig.

Here are a few pics for inspiration:

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