Hairball Awareness Day 2023 is on Tuesday, April 25, 2023: Tomorrow is National Hairball Awareness day, How will you celebrate?

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Tuesday, April 25, 2023 is Hairball Awareness Day 2023. CAT CHAT: Mustached “Copycats” Promote Good Health for Cats in ... Hairball Awareness Day

Hairball Awareness Day

Hairball Awareness Day is really a time for you to think about the grooming challenges in our purr-fectly aristocratic pets. Being beautiful and regal comes naturally to cats, but plenty of personal grooming is needed to keep that exquisite superior look. Newborn cats are groomed within inches of the lives by passionate mother felines, and individual hygiene becomes an ingrained area of the cat’s daily routine ranking above everything except food. Ferocious grooming causes ingestion of fur, and eventually, inside a most unbecoming way, the haughty, dignified feline will hack up a hairball.Hairball Awareness Day is definitely an invitation to keep yourself informed and also to practice preventative measures to assist cat through this nasty process. Practice regular grooming having a pet brush to lessen the quantity of consumed fur, and provide a vet-suggested diet for hairball prevention. Remember that periodic hairballs should be expected, but frequent hairballs could indicate an issue.

Tomorrow is National Hairball Awareness day, How will you celebrate?

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can someone tell me what the heck hairballs are from a cat and how do u know when they cough one up?

can someone tell me what the heck hairballs are from a cat and how do u know when they cough one up?

Well, good question and do you know that there is a National Hairball Awareness day? It falls on Sunday,Apr 27th!

Hairballs are formed when a cat grooms itself and swallows hairs. Since hair is not easily digested, it can compact with undigested food in the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. When the cat is unable to pass out the formed hairball through defecation, he will usually barf it out. It's really slimy and looks like something out of a science lab.

The Happy Cat website describes hairball as:-

"...they look like a dark coloured slimy sausage of matted cat hair"

Wanna see how they look like? Here!

Well, it does resemble something else. No ... not THAT! I meant to say a cigar! =^^=

what are some random national days?

what are some random national days?

For january: Fruitcake Toss Day 3rd, National English Toffee Day the 8th, Penguin Day 22nd, National Compliment Day the 25th, Bald Eagle Appreciation days the 16-18th, Bubble wrap appreciation day 26th

Feb: Adopt a Rescued Rabbit month, Freedom Day 1st, White shirt day the 11th, National Have A Heart Day the 14th, National Gum Drop Day the 15th, Clam Chowder Day the 21st, International Pancake Day the 24th

Mar:Beer Day the 1st, Sherlock Holmes Day 6-8th, Get Over It Day the 8th, Panic Day the 9th, International Ask A Question Day the 14th, World Kidney Day the 10th,International Day of the Seal day 22nd

April: Fresh Florida Tomatoes Month, International Children book Day the 2nd, St. Stupid Day the 1st, World Health Day the 7th, Buddha Day the 8th, National Be kind to a lawyer day 14th, Hairball Awareness day the 17th, Hug an Australian Day 26th

Ok thats all i can think of..oh and THESE ARE OFFICIAL FOR THE YEAR 2009.

I should've just given you the darn link, here:

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