Handwriting Day 2023 is on Monday, January 23, 2023: Why does my handwriting vary day by day?

Monday, January 23, 2023 is Handwriting Day 2023. national handwriting day National Handwriting Day,

Handwriting Day

When the hand-written letter, note or file is fast ending up being an extinction, the art of elegant (and even readable) handwriting could well be under danger. Handwriting Day motivates you place pen to paper, and to exercise your handwriting.

Why does my handwriting vary day by day?

Your handwriting has a lot to do with the way you feel when you are writing. Consider the confidence level you when you are writing calmly and compare it to when you are writing nervously or worried. The size of the letter changes.



1.Find an example of handwriting you like and might want to imitate. This will give you a goal.

2.Buy some lined paper in a rule you're comfortable with.

3.Choose a pen or pencil you like using.

4.Realize that practicing and perfecting will be an ongoing process. To truly improve your handwriting, you must work on it enough that the improvements become natural behavior.

5.Develop a test sentence for yourself .At the beginning of each new week, write this sentence at the top of a new page to help you gauge your progress.

6.Begin with individual letters and practice writing at least one letter per day.Concentrate on overall letter formation.The slant, the beginning and ending strokes.

7.Move on to complete words once you've made it all the way through the alphabet. Pay attention to character spacing and the spacing you place between words.

8.Practise, practise, practise until your handwriting looks the way you want it to. Always remember that legibility is more important than aesthetic beauty.

9.Write thank yous, family notes and short office memos by hand. Remember to slow down a little.

Hope this helps ! Good luck :)



This isn't stupid at all. As some one with very difficult handwriting, I faced a lot of issues through school (especially before college). I type most things to this day, but I can write neatly if I need to as well.

The only answer is to practice.

Your basic handwriting is inherent to you, but it is just a skill, and in order to work on it you will need to practice writing by hand. Find an example (or examples) of handwriting that you like and copy it as closely as you can. Take your time. At first it will be really slow and frustrating. You will probably never write naturally like the handwriting you copy, but eventually you handwriting will take on some of the charictersitics.

We learn our handwriting and, like anything, some people have an easier time than others. Even if you have a learning disability that affects your ability to write, you can still improve with practice.

A lot of times improvement can be made by:

1. finding a very good pen (different people like different pens. I'm partial to Rapidographs and certain gelpens) with even flow, or a pencil with a nice even lead.

2. Use your whole arm to control the movement for the letters.

3. Don't try to make it too decorative. If you really want to write better you probably won't ever use extreme flourish so learning it won't help your basic handwriting much.

4. Being patient. When you write extemely well it will be more like drawing the letters, but with time your overall handwriting will improve from the practice.

Here is a site with some advice:

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