Have A Bad Day Day 2024 is on Tuesday, November 19, 2024: Whats a "bad day"?

Tuesday, November 19, 2024 is Have A Bad Day Day 2024. Have A Bad Day Day - November 19 Have A Bad Day Day - November

Have A Bad Day Day

Remarkably, Have A Bad Day Day wasn’t produced to determine that everybody includes a bad day. Rather it had been produced for those who operate in a person service atmosphere and therefore are tired of saying “have a pleasant day”, and individuals who're equally tired of hearing it.Within the best way possible, wish everybody a poor day.

Whats a "bad day"?

there are lots of different kinds of "bad days". usually it's when several things go wrong over the course of the day, someone spills coffee on your best shirt, your boss yells at you, you get into an argument with a friend, someone scratches your car, whatever. sometimes people use the label "bad day" as an excuse to victimize themselves and receive sympathy from others. these people are very sensitive, and the slightest thing can make their whole day turn into sorrow. other people just use the phrase "i'm having a bad day" as an excuse to act cranky, rude and angry, expecting that people will accept their snide retorts.

for some people, it's an addiction, just like any other emotional state we experience. we become addicted to using "i'm having a bad day" as an excuse for whatever negative emotional state we're feeling, whether it's depression or hatred or whatever else. but after awhile, the phrase loses meaning, and like you inquired, the "bad day" can turn into bad months, or bad years.

can you do anything to ensure you don't have bad days...well, in some circumstances, sure. a lot of people think negative thoughts and expect bad things to happen to them, and then when one tiny thing goes wrong over the course of the day, they explode, like "oh, see? today sucks, because i suck, and my life sucks." a way to overcome this is to a) think about good things, for example wake up, smile, stretch and say "today's gonna rock. nothing's gonna get to me, not even if the boss yells at me, not even if someone spills coffee on me, nothing can stop me." and b) if things DO go wrong, don't let 'em get to you. so the boss yells at you for turning something in late, just smile, admit you're in the wrong, pat him or her on the back and just be like "you're right, i'm sorry. no excuses, i made a mistake. i'll be sure to get it to you as soon as i can." it's those little things that completely alter the course of situations entirely. if your boss yells at you for turning something in late and you respond with an angry hateful face and a disdainful tone when you speak, that will just make them more angry, and the whole situation crashes and burns. but if you instead respond with kindness, then the boss might even say something like "look, i don't mean to yell, but DUDE, you were supposed to bring me this like a few days ago, and now I'M gonna get yelled at". it's all in how you respond to people. the vibes that you emit usually reflect the vibes that you will receive.

your last few questions deal with something else entirely. "Why do some people fall into the manure heap and come up smelling of roses; when others fall into the roses and come up smelling of manure???"

your very last question pretty much answers it as well as anyone could. "How is that fair?" the point is that life is not fair. just because someone is a good person doesn't mean that bad things aren't going to happen to them. and vice versa; just because someone is a bad person doesn't mean that good things will always happen to them. someone could be a sweet, wonderful person, but they could be growing up in a really dangerous neighborhood, and maybe one of their siblings or parents gets stabbed and robbed one night, maybe a whole series of bad things could happen to them. i'm just giving an example.

the point is that there's really no telling what life is going to throw at us. if we try to be good people and do the best we can to ensure that our lives are happy and attempt to enrich those of the people around us, chances are that most things will turn out fine, and those bad days will turn into good ones. it's all in how you look at things.

Today; Good day or Bad day?

Today; Good day or Bad day?

Bad fucking day

Yesterday was amazing, I loved it.

Today I woke up late and felt like crap, fell asleep again and again throughout the day and I looked a fucking mess wearing awful clothes. Finally showered at about 6pm even though I still looked like shit and got some chocolate and some cans of sprite and ate that, then ate corn on the cob and then an avocado sandwich which sucked. All while siting here all day failing to do any good research for my DT project because I FUCKING HATE DT. And I've had a killer headache all day

Today; Good day or Bad day?

Today; Good day or Bad day?

Bad day...

First off, I got some bad grades (well they were Bs but I'm working super hard to get straight As this semester) after working really hard, then my friend got pissed at me for absolutely no reason. Someone stole my French book and binder and I have a huge test on Monday, I went to do volunteer work at the Elementary school and the computers shut down when I was working so I had to do the kids' poems all over again. We were late for piano lessons, and my mom decided to leave me at my grandma's house until it was nighttime. Me and my mother had a fight, and I finished off the day by stuffing my face with junk food.

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