Hot Heads Chili Days 2023 is on Tuesday, January 17, 2023: What is the hottest curry in the world?

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What is the hottest curry in the world?

Phall is the hottest, it is made with 13 types of chili's, it includes 3 of the hottest peppers, including the Bhut/Naga Jolokia, but I have heard places are now using the even hotter Trinidad Scorpion pepper, I had a dish of Lamb Phall in London England 10 years ago at the famous Taj Mahal restaurant, it burned for 3 days.

How hot is 6.4 million scoville?

How hot is 6.4 million scoville?

Well I eat a lot of hot sauces and the only things I know that hot are the Chili extract based sauces or the extracts themselves... A word of WARNING: DO NOT FEED HIM PURE EXTRACT! And if it's an extract based sauce then don't use too much as these things are SERIOUSLY HOT! They are so hot that I have seen people throw up. BE AWARE that there is also always a small risk of a bad reaction and/or cases of possible heart attacks due to the panic they can cause if someone with a weak heart or undiagnosed condition is caught of guard. If he ended up in hospital, a judge might not see your "prank" as funny...I suggest that you try a little of the sauce yourself first to check it.

What song is stuck in your head?

What song is stuck in your head?

Red Hot Chili Peppers are pretty good...i like them. I'd rather be stuck with one of their songs instead of the song that i'm stuck with now...

"Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne. My friend told me the other day to check the video out and i don't really like the song, but it's been stuck in my head since Saturday. It has a catchy tune. :S

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