Hug A Plumber Day or Plumbers Day 2023 is on Tuesday, April 25, 2023: On the first day of christmas my true love gave to me ______?

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Tuesday, April 25, 2023 is Hug A Plumber Day or Plumbers Day 2023. Plumbing Services - Our Expert Plumbers Are Available‎ 24/7. Call Now for a Free Estimate!

On the first day of christmas my true love gave to me ______?

i give you a munchlax hug. i actually wrote my own version of the 12 days of christmas.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Nintendo gave to me:

12 Plumbers Plumbing

11 Vipers Biting

10 Pocket Monsters

9 Dragon slayers

8 1up Mushrooms

7 Master Sword

6 Zero suits

5 Aaarrrwinggggsss….

4 Angry Cuckoos

3 Triforce Shards

2 Koopa shells

And a brand new Nintendo wii.

Please read, young with no experience, be a judge?

Please read, young with no experience, be a judge?

in a home 80 years old or a duplex, your plumbing looks like a down tree, branches coming off of the main line down to each area of the home in a common wall. The plumber working to unclog a room above could have push something down the pipe and got it hug up and flooded your basement before he left and you didn't see it until you went down to use the basement.

the problem is with the plumber and the work he did.

can a child be too close to a parent?

can a child be too close to a parent?

Awww he sounds like a sweetheart. Some kids are just more affectionate than others. it sounds to me like the stepdad is jealous and he thinks its weird because his son was less affectionate when he was little. What he's not realizing is that not all kids are like his son. My son is 5 and he also kisses me all the time, sits on my lap and is extra cuddly. He doesn't twirl my hair but he does put his hands on my face often. My son also has a sensory processing disorder and I wonder if that is related to how cuddly our boys are- the physical contact (hair-twirling, face-touching, etc.) could be therapeutic to them. My son also tells me he wants to marry me and I tried to explain that he can't marry his mom and he said "but I want to wear mister clothes and you can wear a princess dress" lol. At this age they don't understand what marriage means- heck, apparently my son just wanted to play dress up. As far as him noticing that you had plumbers crack- lol, he probably just noticed and thought it was odd. I wouldn't think anything more of it. If you were a single parent for some time before meeting your husband that would also explain why your son is so close to you. I'm a single parent and it's been just the two of us since he was born so I think we have a very close relationship too but that's a good thing! It just means you're a loving, responsive and caring parent! Your husband is being insensitive, he's only 5 and just because his son didn't act like your son doesn't mean it's wrong. All kids have different personalities and it's not like your son is going to be 15 and still twirling your hair, wanting to marry you or sleeping in your bed lol. You should be proud of the fact that you've built a strong bond with your son, not worrying if it's too strong. You said that when he was younger it was hard to even get a hug out of him and look how much progress you've made! You sound like a great mom. =]

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