Hug Your Hound Day 2021 is on Tuesday, September 14, 2021: how do you teach a blood hound too behave and learn?

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Tuesday, September 14, 2021 is Hug Your Hound Day 2021. Hug a Hound Photo Competition holding a Hug Your Hound

Hug Your Hound Day

Hug Your Hound Day has to do with greater than just adoring your canine (like Pet Day)-- it has to do with recognizing and acquiring involved in your pet dog's setting, and experiencing the 'wild' of metropolitan nature. Explore your local park with your pet dog, and acquire associated with regional ecological activities to help keep healthy, varied environments for people and their doggy good friends.

how do you teach a blood hound too behave and learn?

Blood hounds are smart dogs and eager to please. As long as you keep the commands firm and easy, they pick up on learning quickly. Consistency is the key. You have to be willing to spend the time and energy to give him short (10-15 mins.), frequent (5-6 times/day) training sessions.

As far as what training method will work for you, only you can tell. Here are some free, online training websites you may find helpful:

One thing that I have learned over the years is it's much easier to train your dog if you praise/reward him when you catch him performing a desirable behavior. For instance, say you catch him sitting all on his own, then praise him saying, "Good sit! Good sit!" and throw a party (hugs, kisses) as you continue to tell him "Good sit!" Soon, when you want him to sit, he'll remember "sit" and do it on command.

Also, keep the commands short, two words/two syllables. Don't try to train him to do many things at once. Start with one command and don't move on to another until he's got the first one down pat. Always reinforce previous commands when integrating new ones.

You'll be glad you made the effort in training him.

Good luck.

Hound Breeds and Dog Sports?

Hound Breeds and Dog Sports?

I have Dachshunds that do stuff. We do hunt, but not on any regular basis, but try to get out as much as we can. When we can't get to the country for bigger game (bigger meaning bigger than rats: woodchuck, fox, possum, raccoon), then we take the dogs ratting.

We have also done some Bloodtracking, which is finding wounded game.

During the winter time, we concentrate on breed shows and obedience and any opportunity we get we're doing agility.

There's a woman giving a seminar at the Dachshund Nationals this week on finding truffles with dachshunds, I'm looking forward to that.

I love doing stuff with my dogs and I'm pretty willing to give anything a shot.

There's a big problem with feral hugs up in MA to, from what I understand.

What makes a seeming content well loved Blue tick hound leave home. She was once ran over when gone

What makes a seeming content well loved Blue tick hound leave home. She was once ran over when gone. HELP?

First, I have to say this is a HOUND breed, and they have a tendancy to 'roam', even if they are pampered to the sky's limit. I had a Bassett Hound that was THE sweetest dog on Earth but she would run away at the drop of a hat if she wasn't tied up (I hated that but it was eventually the only thing that would keep her in the yard!). They just get the scent of things-I don't know what- rabbits, cats, birds, whatever, and off they go. The shelter I got her at gave me a 'profile history' of her and she was always a roamer, and this was why she was always abandoned, because she was always running away. I thought I could 'change' her, or make her happy, but it was not to be. I rescued her from the pound several times after she got out and I couldn't find her, someone would and turn her in, and they would call me, "We have your dog again!" We eventually moved and I gave her to my aunt, where she also ran away from, was retrieved, and given away to another man who had her the last time I knew. It was such a bad life for her I would think,. but it was self imposed, you know? Hounds have these noses that just don't slow down! LOL!

I hope she is okay, I have lost a pet to a car(fatally) so she was lucky. It is not easy and I know the feeling of dread, that heart dropping thud when you open the door and she's not there. I know and understand.

I would also talk to your vet and see if they can give her some sedatives. I know this is not the best, but maybe something to calm her a little. I have to give sedatives to my cat when I bathe her or I become shredded meat. LOL!!!

I personally think it's the breed. Does she have plenty of room to roam? These types of dogs need a lot of room, but even my hound was not content on the open range! LOL!!!

Hope this helps and give her a hug and get well soon for me! ;) SD

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