Ice Cream Sandwich Day 2024 is on Friday, August 2, 2024: Who invented the ice cream sandwich?

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Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Believe to celebrate the peak of summer time compared to Ice Cream Sandwich Day? Get free from the sun's rays and revel in a awesome, creamy treat by means of wealthy ice-cream layered between sweet biscuit bases. Scrumptious!

Who invented the ice cream sandwich?

Ice Cream Sandwich

Several citations indicate that the “ice cream sandwich” was invented about July 1900 in New York City. One citation that I have mentions Wall Street (it’s temporarily missing) and another mentions the Lower East Side as the place of origin. Here are some articles.


5 July 1900, Washington Post, pg. 4:


Devices of Street Merchants and Others to Attract Patronage.

From the New York Tribune.

The ice cream sandwich man, who sells quarter-inch layers of alleged ice cream between tiny slabs of water wafers, did a big business during the hot spell. His field of operation was within the district inhabited by the Russians, and his pushcart was elaborately decorated with signs in Hebrew characters. He made the sandwiches quickly in a tin mold, and was kept so busy that he could not make change, but insisted on receiving the actual price for each ice cream sandwich – 1 cent.



19 August 1900, Washington Post, pg. 15:

From the New York Telegraph.

The ice cream sandwich is a new hot weather luxury which is rapidly coming into downtown favor. An enterprising hokey-pokey vendor, whose daily station is in John street, is the projector, and his push cart is constantly surrounded by a jostling, sweltering crowd of patrons, representing all social conditions, from banker down to bootblack and newsboy. The inventor takes a graham wafer, deftly plasters it with ice cream, claps another wafer on top, and there is your ice cream sandwich. The cost is trifling, ranging from 2 to 3 cents, according to the size and thickness of the thing. But the man is simply coining money, where he eked out a meager revenue before. He has simply tickled the public’s fancy for something new.



24 August 1900, Long Branch (NJ) , pg. 4:


All Wall Street Buying Them nowa-

days, to the Profit of the Inventor.

The latest thing that the purveyors to the gastronomic demands ofthe office boys, messengers and clerks in the Wall street district are supplying to their patrons is the ice cream sandwich. It made its first appearance during the hot spell of last week. A young man showed up with a wagon and began to descant on the value of his wares at the corner of Nassau and Wall streets. He soon had a crowd around him, and the first man that tried an ice cream sandwich bit into it gingerly. It was made of two graham wafers and a slab of ice cream between. The wafers were fresh and crisp and sweet and the ice cream was good. Then, too, it had the advantage of being cold in addition to being palatable. The cost of the sandwich was one, two and three cents, according to the thickness of the slab of ice cream

This new edible made such a hit that its fame spread through the Wall street district the first day and the young man who invented it did not have enough of stock to satisfy the demand. The second day the brokers themselves got to buying ice cream sandwiches and eating them in a democratic fashion side by side on the sidewalk wit hthe messengers and the office boys. All of the other ice cream and lemonade vendors saw that they were outclassed and immediately began to sell imitations. The young man held the bulk of the trade, however, throughout the week.



From the American Kitchen Magazine, March 1901, pg. xxxiv, col. 2:


There are ham sandwiches and salmon sandwiches and cheese sandwiches ands everal other kinds of sandwiches – a down town restaurant advertises 30 varieties – but the latest is the ice-cream sandwich. As a new fad the ice-cream sandwich might have made thousands of dollars for its inventor had the novelty been launched by a well known caterer, but strangely enough the ice-cream sandwich made its advent in an humble Bowery push-cart, and is sold for a penny. The idea is worthy of a better field, for the ice-cream sandwich is not only a distinct novelty, but it has merits of its own. It will be appreciated by the child who on eating ice-cream for the first time wanted to have it warmed. While losing nothing of its flavor, the thin wafers which goto make up the sandwich help to modify the coolness of the ice-cream, so that it can be eaten more readily. The ice-cream sandwich as made on the Bowery is constructed in this way. A thin milk biscuit is placed in a tin mold just large enough to receive it. Then the mold is filled with ice cream from a freezer, and another wafer is placed on top. There is an arrangement forforcing the sandwich out of the mold when complete, and the whole process takes only a few seconds. The ice-cream sandwich man is the envy of all the other push-cart restauranteurs on the Bowery, as he has all the patrons hecan attend to, and the cart is always surrounded by curious customers. – From the New York Mail and Express.

Ice cream sandwiches...?

Ice cream sandwiches...?

How old is he?

a typical ice cream bar has about 400-500 calories a day.

1yr- should have 900 calories a day

2-3yr old-1,00

4-5yr old- between 1200-1600

6-7yr old-1400-1800





11-14yr old-2500

15-18yr old-3000

3 ice-cream bars=1200-1500 calories.

Depending on how old he is, you can add this amount to the amount of calories he eats a day NOT COUNTING the ice cream bars, and have a grand total of whatever. Look at his age (group) and determine if he's getting enough, or too much. Then, you can look online to find out how many calories you don't need can build up to kill you, and see how many he eats that he doesn't need, and divide those two answers to get a grand total of how many days he has left...

Or something like that.


On a hot day, would you rather eat ice cream, a popsicle, or a tuna sandwich??

On a hot day, would you rather eat ice cream, a popsicle, or a tuna sandwich??

Never would of thought of it - but a nice tuna sandwich made with some Lawry's season salt, finely chopped onion and garlic powder mixed with mayonnaise - Hellman's of course- would hit the spot.

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