Intergalactic Star Wars Day 2021 is on Tuesday, May 4, 2021: Can humanity afford an intergalactic war?

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Tuesday, May 4, 2021 is Intergalactic Star Wars Day 2021. Star Wars Day Toronto Star Wars Day Toronto Poster

Can humanity afford an intergalactic war?

If another race was able to reach us, they would more than likely have superior technology.

At this time we would be hard press to deflect an asteroid. Imagine a fleet of ships that can maneuver.

For example, take the movie Independence day. The aliens did not even need to come in the atmosphere, they could of just sent a few little ships with a bio weapon that kills humans.

They could of bombarded humanity from orbit. We would die without even seeing our aggressors.

They could poison our water supplies.

There is so many ways they could destroy us.

As for humanity how could we defend ourselves...

We can't even get into space easily. We have no space weapons.

If an alien race did come to earth today we would be dead, for them it would be like shooting fish in a barrel.

We are simply not advance enough in technology to defend against an intergalactic war.

And because we think it's impossible to travel the stars it certainly does not mean it can't be done. Only human arrogance would determine something is impossible. We don't know squat about the universe right now and we should not say something is impossible simply because we don't know how it can be done.

will we ever live in a ’star wars’ type world?

will we ever live in a 'star wars' type world?

One world government? Most likely, yes

Cosmopolitan cities? Yes.. thousands of species? No

Buildings 50,000+ stories high? Maybe not THAT high, but higher than modern day buildings

Hyper-drive? Assuming this is related to space travel, hmm I'll be optomistic and say maybe

Intergalactic wars? This is assuming there are other species to have wars with...

To answer your question, I dont know. The human species WILL advance. We will make technological advancement as well as sociological advancements. We very well one day could live in a "star wars" type world. Or we could also blow ourselves up in the next 50 years.

Time will tell.

I think one day (millions of years) we will be roaming the stars like star wars what do you think?

I think one day (millions of years) we will be roaming the stars like star wars what do you think?

So far scientists have already figured a theoretical way of warping space to bypass the speed of light limit and travel beyond the confines of our little planet like on Star Trek. And it's only a matter of time till we find a way to put that theory into practice.

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