International Day for Failure 2023 is on Friday, October 13, 2023: What are you doing for international men's day?

Friday, October 13, 2023 is International Day for Failure 2023. The Mistake Bank: Celebrate International Day for Failure - October 13 17 countries will host Day for

What are you doing for international men’s day?

I am going to try and grow a mustache and fail horribly. This is my projected failure.

Schlieffen Plan Failure?

Schlieffen Plan Failure?

The Schlieffen Plan as envisaged by Molke the Elder in the opening years of the 20thC. The operation undertaken in 1914 was rather different in execution as was the international military balance.

The Schlieffen plan originally envisaged a much bolder sweep to the right of Paris, leaving only a handful of German divisions to hold their left. As it turned out this plan, bold to the point of foolhardy, would have worked rather well. The more balanced plan that was actually put into operation had a much stronger left, so robbed the right of resources and also resulted in the French "Offensive a outrance" (from their right wing) being stopped dead. At the time the French were disappointed by this but in reality it was a saviour, allowing them to rreallocatemen to their centre and left flank.

Should the original Schlieffen Plan have been operationalised the French offensive woud have driven the German left backward in a controlled fashion only to find itself in a pocket as the much larger German right came upon the rear of the offensive.

That France could also rely on the small addition of the BEF, not something envisaged in 1900, to hold the weakened German right also helped. It was also expected that Russia would be both slow to mobilise and ineffective on the battlefield but a shock reverse at Gumbinnen soon ensured that Germany was training off men for the Eastern Fornt.

International economics job market?

International economics job market?

I think that economics is a great field. Recently though with all of the US/world financial trouble some people tell me that economics is a waste of time because western economists didn't predict the mortgage crisis...blah blah blah

IMO economics is still a strong field. just because there have been some market failures doesn't mean that companies, governments, and international organizations are not going to use economics and economists. Do you read the Economist magazine? All throughout the magazine there are adds from international organizations, universities, governments, and businesses that are looking for economists. Making me think that the market is there (though they seem to always want lots of experience)

I am learning Chinese (mandarin) but I think that any language will be useful (wise). Portuguese (brazil), Chinese, Japanese, Russian, French, Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese (Vietnam seems to be doing great these days), whatever they speak in India: any language will make you more marketable and help broaden your horizons. So yes it would be wise to be bilingual

The best advice i can think to give you is to make good contacts, if you want to work in Europe make friends with Europeans. If you want to work in china make friends in china. Even though I am an undergrad I cant thank enough the people and organizations that have already introduced me and sort of thrust me into conversations and meetings with lots of different people

good luck in denver! ^.^

just be sure to have fun and be enthusiastic in whatever u do

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