International Hot and Spicy Food Day 2023 is on Monday, January 16, 2023: Spicy food before bed?

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Monday, January 16, 2023 is International Hot and Spicy Food Day 2023. FedEx® International‎ FedEx Offers Reliable International Shipping Options Around the Globe.

International Hot and Spicy Food Day

For one red-hot day a year, the globe's chili heads, heat-seekers and extreme eaters could take their enthusiasm to extremes. International Hot and Spicy Foods Day sparks a wildfire of events, from habanero-eating challenges to fancy-dress competitions and cook-offs of preferred dishes. Amongst major connoisseurs, it additionally re-kindles the great discussion: which chili pepper tops the official Scoville heat scale?

There's no rejecting the risk-taker attributes of some of the celebrations. Nevertheless, distributor which such as a dish to tickle their palate, not make their eyes water, shouldn't really feel excluded. Delighting in a touch of heat in our food preparation is an around the world human trait, so what better day to welcome your friends and family to discover a various food? Thai, Indian, Creole and Caribbean dishes are all famous for their blends of fragrant ingredients, however lots of cultures flaunt their very own faves. After all, selection is really the seasoning of life ...

Spicy food before bed?

Depends on what you mean by being worse. I eat a ton of spicy food, everything I have has hot sauce of some sort on it, and it makes no difference for me other than the occasional painful morning in the bathroom. BUT, most people sleep better when they are cooler hence...

A team of Australian researchers found that a spicy meal before bed can lead to poor sleep. The study, published in The International Journal of Psychophysiology, recruited a group of six young, healthy male subjects to eat a meal that included Tabasco sauce and mustard shortly before going to sleep.

Compared with control meals, there were marked changes in the subjects’ sleep patterns after spicy meals. Time spent in both the light phase of sleep (known as Stage 2) and the deep, slow-wave sleep (Stages 3 and 4) were reduced, increasing the total time spent awake. Sleep latency also increased in these subjects.

The researchers noted that, after eating the spicy meals, the subjects had elevated body temperatures during the first sleep cycle. This has been linked in other studies to poorer sleep quality. The authors speculate that capsaicin, the spice, is responsible for the effects.

Spicy foods boost metabolism by increasing body temperature. We tend to sleep better when body and external temperatures are lower. Consequently, to ensure sound sleep, avoid spicy foods within five hours of bedtime.

What weird holidays are there near you?

What weird holidays are there near you?

A local holiday in my city is Rodeo Day, because I live in a very rural place. We have the day off, and then we are at school on President's Day. LOL. In 2010, it is on February 19. Here are some others:


6th- Bean Day, 16th- Hot & Spicy International Food Day, 20th- National Buttercrunch Day, 22nd- National Blonde Brownie Day, 23rd- National Pie Day, 29th- National Corn Chip Day


11th- Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk Day, 12th- National Plum Pudding Day, 15th- National Gumdrop Day, 19th- National Chocolate Mint Day, 22nd- National Margarita Day, 24th- National Tortilla Chip Day, 26th- National Pistachio Day

I don't feel like writing them all, they are all food holidays. There is one other website. This is such a good idea. My email is: OR

What is some easy ethnic food...?

What is some easy ethnic food...?

salsa (mexico of course!)

2 c chopped tomato

1 onion chopped

2 cloves garlic minced

1 or 2 jalepenos chopped(1 for spicy 2 for HOT)

1/2 bunch cilantro chopped

juice of a lime

1/8 c olive oil

1/4 tspn cumin

salt,pepper to taste

mix lime juice,olive oil,and spices together to make a dressing toss with the chopped veggies,let sit for about an hour for floavors to combine then serve with home made tortilla chips

to make home made tortilla chips cut a bunch of corn tortillas into wedges and fry in oil for a minute or 2 then salt them

Holidays also on this date Monday, January 16, 2023...