International Post Card Week on October, 2024: how do you send post cards from Japan to the US?

International Post Card Week 2024. Create Postcards‎ Postcards are $0.15 each or less. Order Custom Full-Color Postcards.

how do you send post cards from Japan to the US?

Domestic post card shipment costs 50 yen.

But international post card shipment is 70 yen.

You need 70 yen stamp.

I guess it's better for you to go to a post office and ask them if there is no mistake than putting a post card into a post.

how do I get an international phone card to call australia?

how do I get an international phone card to call australia?

The prepaid card service for international calls is simple to use and there are hundreds of websites available, even for calls originating from mobile.

I believe one of the best is the Sonico (Green or Blue). Find it and others in

Important: If your partner wants, he can use the same pin (password) that you will receive by email and call you from Australia to you and save.

From any country in the world you can use these cards. The rates are very low and is simple to use. Check how it works in "my source" (just below this post).

What cell phone in Israel?

What cell phone in Israel?

Cards you can buy at any post office branch, or at the airport on arrival. You can rent a celullar phone.----------

Frequency band in USA is 850/1900.

Frequency gsm band in Israel is 900/1800. -------------------There are a variety of cell phone technologies in the world. In the United States, for example, there are CDMA, TDMA and iDEN, among others. Different wireless service providers, in different countries, use different technologies for their customers.

One problem with having so many cell phone technologies in use is getting your phone to work when you travel. Different countries use different systems, so there's a chance your phone won't function at all once you leave home.

In the early '90s, the Conference of European Posts and Telegraphs (CEPT) launched Groupe Spיcial Mobile (GSM), a digital wireless system using TDMA technology. GSM, which now stands for Global System for Mobile communications, has been picked up as an international standard in most European, African and Asian countries. In this part of the world, GSM operates in the 900-MHz and 1800-MHz frequency ranges. GSM is also used in the United States, but it operates at the 1900 frequency. Consequently, standard U.S phones aren't compatible with the international GSM standard.

In countries that use GSM 900 MHz and 1800 MHZ, cell phone users can buy one phone that will work anywhere else the standard is supported. To connect to the specific service providers in these different countries, GSM-users simply switch subscriber identification module (SIM) cards. SIM cards are small removable disks that slip in and out of GSM cell phones. They store all the connection data and identification numbers you need to access a particular wireless service provider.

If you live in the United States and need to have cell phone access when you're overseas, the easiest thing to do is buy a GSM 900MHz/1800MHz cell phone for traveling.

Some GSM phones are all "unlocked," meaning they work with any international GSM SIM card. You can also install a SIM for international roaming from a U.S. service providers. Several U.S. companies sell these cards, as well as their own GSM phones pre-installed with a roaming identity. There are also some phones that use both technologies so they work in Europe and Asia as well as the United States and Canada.

The advantage of using a U.S. provider is that you get a U.S. phone number and can pay all your bills at home, just as you would with your domestic cell phone service. But, these service plans are much more expensive than local service, and you will have to pay for incoming calls as well as outgoing calls. In most cases, it's probably easier to get prepaid international SIM cards instead.

With these prepaid cards, you get free incoming calls and you are charged the local service rate. Even though the cards connect you to local wireless providers, you can actually buy them in the United States, in U.S. dollars.---------------------------

From Orage Israeli Int. providor: "Partner Communications Company Ltd., provider of the Orange network in Israel, the first GSM cellular network in Israel, welcomes you to our web site.

The Orange network in Israel allows millions of GSM subscribers around the world to enjoy the most advanced cellular communication services during their stay in Israel.

Orange has launched commercial roaming services with more than 330 GSM networks in more than 150 countries and locations worldwide.

Orange has also launched GPRS Roaming with dozens of networks in a large number of countries. Check with your home operator to find out if you can enjoy Internet, WAP and email access over GPRS while roaming on the Orange network.

Before traveling to Israel, check with your GSM provider that roaming service in Israel is available for you. Upon arrival, make sure your GSM cellular phone display reads the local network indication:

ORANGE IL or 425 01.


Orange Israel provides national coverage, offering accessible and quality cellular communication service throughout the country.


Network services:

Orange Israel offers roaming subscribers a variety of advanced network services as follows: SMS (Short Message Service) - sending and receiving. Data services - sending and receiving. Fax services - sending and receiving. Call Waiting, Call Forward, Call Hold and Incoming Calls Barring.

Emergency services:

Orange Israel offers emergency service calls free of charge (even if you don't have roaming services). For the nearest police station dial 112 or 100 For Emergency medical service (Ambulance) dial 101 For the fire brigade dial 102

Information services for roamers:

Orange Israel offers useful information services for incoming visitors.

For directory assistance in Israel dial 144

For transportation information dial:

*301 - Ben Gurion airport, Arrivals and departures

*3456 - Public bus service in Tel Aviv area ("Dan")

*2020 - Public bus service throughout Israel ("Egged")

*5770 - National train service

*8080 - Information service in Arabic

*6060 - Information service in Russian

Roaming Customer Service:

For information and assistance on how to operate your GSM phone in Israel dial *333 , directly to our Roaming Customer Service Center, 24 hours a day."

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