International Walk To School Month on October, 2023: Am I aloud to just walk in to a Tokyo school and ask if I could volunteer?

October, 2023 is International Walk To School Month 2023. October is International Walk to School Month : TreeHugger Walk to School Month.

Am I aloud to just walk in to a Tokyo school and ask if I could volunteer?

You are not allowed to get into schools without any authorization.

You are likely to be caught by a security guard.

And if you don't speak Japanese, not only you can't volunteer, but also you can't even ask if it's possible.

Panache Management International Model Search ?

Panache Management International Model Search ?

I went to a Charm & Poise school, when I was in HS in hopes to land a modeling job someday . . . and that's something I carried with me all my life. Can you say Grace Kelly, Princess Di & Jackie O? They've been known for their fashion savvy, poise, and people respect them for that, among other things.

The best way to deal with modeling agencies is by contacting your area that is local and have a good record through the Better Business Bureau, not online. I went to a poise & charm school, back in the 70's, and wasted my money because they didn't promise they'll give me a job, but I learned something from it. I learned how to be poise, presentable, and walk like a model, and that is not something you won't ever forget, to look like a model. They are now one of the biggest talent agencies in my town for children.

There are many predators out there, that attract many people of all sexes, ages, and demographic.

Sending out photos of wannabes, is like sending your profiles to people in jail, you don't know them, AND YOU just can't trust everyone, this is the world wide web, that can attract the whole world: your address and everything about YOU.

Craigslist is a good reputable website, but they get a bad rap because of what ONE PERSON did or done. Same scenario.

Here's one that was posted on Craigslist . . . about modeling career, I thought about you. Please read:

Sleezy modeling agents pay scouts very well to bring them girls who will wind up in one or two scenarios.; 1) pay $500 for a photo shoot with a photographer from LA. Just in time to meet big shots from Nike,Adidas,MGM,Nordstrom, & Disney (this bunch will not be there); or 2) come to a meeting at a hotel and get to pay over $1500 for the same crap. WORSE YET if the one from Vegas (ACT) comes again selling a modeling course for $4900 including a 'meet the famous' function where you get trained in Washington once a month - don't do it people. Also most EXPO events are just recruiting events for schools. Wakey, wakey kiddos. btw SCHOOLS are only bad if they lie to you or imply guaranteed placement. Scouts may be legitimate if you don't have to pay big bucks for anything. Watch out for the scammers on the radio telling young girls about big opportunities - they may be one of the big modeling schools that recently closed mid classes and now wants another chance at your money. They recruit a bunch of wannabees then tell each one 'you are the only one we want' - then it gets worse if you are dumb.


People thought I've been practicing in front of the mirror, but that's something that comes naturally from all your life once you have the training, like riding a bike. I have over 4 decades of fashion, skin, & hair know-how.

I was a tomboy, but I am now a woman, but looks like a model when I leave the house.

Problem with Shorts at School?

Problem with Shorts at School?

School dress codes are set up, not because some teacher may be offended, nor that teachers wish to judge you.

Rules in school are meant for several key purposes: 1) Safety, (2) increase learning time, and (3) to reduce disruptions between or after classes.

What's wrong with shorts? They often distract male students, even male teachers, most males are "perverts", you know? (lol)

And that is one reason some schools segregate males and females, i.e., all male or all female schools.

Shorts may also be dangerous, if in wearing them from home to school you fall down, skin a knee, or even walk through poison ivy.

Shorts may also be "laughed" at by other students, especially if the legs exposed are not "cute" or lean, i.e. too fat or lumpy.

This may create jealousy and fights.

Instead of being offended, try to look at the purpose of school, it's not a fashion show, but it's a place where many differrent people come together to study, learn, and share the same experiences.

Jeans are a more "normal" item, worn by both boys and girls, much less distracting than shorts, even shorts that go below the knees.

But, if your school doesn't have air-conditioning, then shorts may be justified as a safety/health issue. Then you got a case for wearing them during hot summer months (when normally, many schools do close)

Hope this helps.

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