Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month on January, 2024: how to get the snowboard?

January, 2024 is Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month 2024. Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month January is Learn to Ski and

how to get the snowboard?


ok first, the snowboard has to be up in between your nose and chin

secondly u should go to a local ski shop and talk to someone there and tell them it is your first time

they will guide you through

i buy my snowboards at tyrol

there are some at dicks sporting goods, it depends where you live, look it up, you could also order it online

i pasted this from a website for ya

There are literally thousands of snowboards available on the market today and finding that right one for you can prove to be overwhelming. If you don't know much about snowboarding, deciding to make your first snowboard purchase can turn into a major headache really fast.

Before deciding to purchase a snowboard, especially if you have never snowboarded before, you will probably want to rent one, first. By renting a snowboard you will be able to learn better what works best for you, what you like and don't like and you will even find out if snowboarding is right for you. Purchasing a snowboard is a huge investment and before you spend that type of cash on a board, you will first want to make sure that snowboarding is something that you are going to stick with.

When deciding to purchase a board you will first want to take into consideration what type of riding style you will be doing. Boards are made for different aspects of riding; therefore, finding the one that is made for what you want to do will help you in the long run. Are you going to freestyle? Do you want a board that will work with all types of terrain? Do you just want a board that you can play in the park with on the half pipe and rails? These are just some of the questions that you can ask yourself to help you narrow down the possibilities in your board options.

Then you will want to look at the board length. Finding the right board length for you is very important. This is one reason why renting boards is a good idea. Some riders prefer longer boards while other ones prefer shorter boards. Maneuverability on the course is a major player in the sport of boarding, so depending upon what type of boarding you want to do will help to determine what type of maneuverability you will need and the length of the board can help and/or can hinder your performance.

Next, the board width is very important. The width of the board that you will need all depends on the size of your shoes. You don't want a board where you feet are hanging off of one side or the other, this can be very dangerous and it can make your ride tougher on you. Make sure that the width of your board fits you well.

The materials and the type of effective edge that the board has are also determining factors for choosing the right board for you. Wood, foam, etc are just some of the options that you have in core materials for the board. Wood is more expensive but helps to absorb some of the energy in a hard landing. Cheaper alternatives are items such as foam. The type of edge that the board has will help to determine stability and the type of turns that you will be able to make.

All of these items are things that you will need to take into consideration whenever you decide to purchase your own snowboard.

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how long do i need to learn how to ski?

how long do i need to learn how to ski?

you mean snowboard? yes we do...snowboarding is a lot easier and more fun than skiing.

There are 2 types of skiing, ski alpin (which is hard and you need like 1 month of practice) and ski de fond (which is very easy but exhausting and you can learn that in 1 day)


I just read what Webby said...for me it was opposite I could never learn how to ski but snowboarding was a breeze, I guess that it was because I was excellent in skateboarding, which helps

Skiing or snowboarding?

Skiing or snowboarding?

It depends on how often you plan on going, With skiing its quite easy to get to a standard where you can turn and get down greens and easy blues, but its extremely difficult to become proficient, skiing is extremely technical and would require many years of practice to get good at. Whereas snowboarding is very hard to learn in the first place, but once you have got the very basics its doesn't take long to get to a standard where you can board most runs. If you are planning on going once a year then snowboarding will allow you to get the most out of your holiday in the short term, if you have planning on spending a considerable amount of time in the alps then skiing presents a much greater challenge and flexibility in moguls, gullys and off piste.

Another thing to bear in mind is the injuries associated with each sport:

Skiing: Knee injuries can be extremely serious, if you have ever torn a ligament, had problems with your knee's or are very overweight then skiing is a definite no no.

Snowboarding: Wrist injuries are the most common, especially as a beginner (wrist guards are a worthy investment for a novice), as well as bruises to the hips and bottom from falling, alot of boarders wear padded shorts.

Really it comes down to which one you prefer the look of, if you live near an indoor snowdome (there are a few around the UK) its worth doing a few lessons in either discipline before you hit the slopes!

Whichever you choose have a great time!

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