Lemonade Day 2021 is on Tuesday, May 4, 2021: are there designated days for lemonade day? or can every day be lemonade day?

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Tuesday, May 4, 2021 is Lemonade Day 2021. Lemonade Day Contact Us / Lemonade Day

are there designated days for lemonade day? or can every day be lemonade day?

In the perfect world, everyday is lemonade day.




The Lemonade Diet is part of a process more often referred to as The Master Cleanse.

During The Master Cleanse you go on a diet for as little as a day or as much as 60. Most people do it for 7 - 14 days.

Although you will loose 1-2 pounds per day, most people choose to do this cleanse to rest and cleanse their digestive system.

The Lemonade is what you "eat" every day. You make 2 liters/quarts per day of the lemonade out of 14 tablespoons of freshly squeezed, organic lemons, 14 table spoons of high grade maple syrup, and around a teaspoon of cayenne pepper.

You consume around 1,000 calories per day during the master cleanse / lemonade diet. Although peoples daily caloric needs vary, 1,000 calories always creates a slight deficit (your body needs a little more than 1,000 calories/day to run) - which is why you loose weight. Your body gets the extra energy from your fat. You certainly will never starve since you are indeed eating. Think of it like an internal intravenous solution - like what you might receive if you were in a coma and the doctors still need to get "food" into you.

Following the lemonade diet, you must slowly break the diet with what I call the Ease-Out. The first day after the lemonade diet you drink only orange juice - and boy are you excited about that. The taste is fantastic. Then next day is fruit and vegetable juice or soup broths. You are slowly getting ready to eat raw fruits and veggies on the third day of the Ease-Out. Finally 3 full days later you are ready to eat freely.

The post cleanse lifestyle is what many master cleansers are trying to kick start themselves towards, which is a non-processed food, low portion lifestyle in order to keep of the weigh that they absolutely will loose while doing the cleanse.

If you want to loose 10 pounds, and you might loose 10 pounds per day, a 10 day cleanse will do it for you. But when you add the 3 days of the Ease-Out, you are more likely to loose 15 - but only if you have 15 pounds to loose. While there is some debate about this, many people believe that you will not loose muscle, only fat an mucus. Many people report loosing very little weight because they were already at an ideal weight for their body.

It is important for you to do as much research as you can to find out if The Lemonade Diet is right for you. You will get all kinds of feedback, but generally it ranges from people think its crazy to people swear by it. If you continue to Google "The Lemonade Diet" you will see there is far more positive results than negative ones and having done the cleanse 5 times myself I would recommend it. One place you might look for first hand comments and experiences from people who have done, or are doing The Lemonade Diet, check out my website . We are currently in the middle of a 14 day master cleanse group support experience. 174 people are currently doing The Lemonade Diet and reporting their results - over half of which are doing it for first time.

Again, do your research and trust your judgment. Good luck!

I have a couple of questions about lemonade day...?

I have a couple of questions about lemonade day...?

You need to get permission on private property, which would be any commercial property like the mall or a grocery store. It couldn't hurt to ask a manager at a local grocery store and see if you could set up your lemonade stand outside, like the Girl Scouts do when selling cookies.

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