Line Dance Week on September, 2023: what is the history of the line dance the watermelon crawl?

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what is the history of the line dance the watermelon crawl?

It was a line dance made up to go along with Tracy Byrd's new song. I was working at denim and diamonds in Dallas TX and he was to play there on a Saturday night. He sent someone to the club 2 weeks before he was to play and taught me the dance. For the next 2 weeks I taught the dance and Wed and Fri. He did this so that when he sang it that night there would be a floor full of people doing the "Watermelon Crawl". It was so and one of the best nights I had there. I made over $700 that night $200 from Tracy himself for teaching the dance cause the floor was packed...and he through in an autographed picture and some shots of me and him...way cool, one the nicest artists to play there

Do you enjoy line dancing?

Do you enjoy line dancing?

Used to love it, I don't dance anymore (too old and crickity)

I was a pro-Brazilian samba and foclorico dancer and also loooooooved to dance Salsa during the week in my prime years.

I love all types of dance.

Line Dance/Song List Questions?

Line Dance/Song List Questions?

You can get some information about line dance at . That's the web site for the United Country Western Dance Council, one of the oldest organizations in the US for sanctioning country western dance competitions.

You will also find step sheets at . James Gregory and Jean Garr run one of the largest line dance competitions in the US. They travel all over the country, teaching line dance and judging competitions. In fact, their own event that they host begins next week - May 29 in Durham, NC.

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