Loomis Day 2025 is on Friday, May 30, 2025: Working for Loomis general questions?

Friday, May 30, 2025 is Loomis Day 2025. May Today is LOOMIS DAY,

Loomis Day

Loomis Day remember Mahlom Loomis, who patented his wireless telegraphing inventions on May 30, 1872 (although being employed as a dental professional in Washington Electricity).He'd really stated to possess been successful in wireless telegraphy some 6 years earlier, though without any witnesses give check this out, May 30th is among the earliest official recognitions of his triumph.

Working for Loomis general questions?

Below are employee reviews of Loomis Fargo & Salaries, which you know depends on the state you live in. Website www.loomis.com Armored Vehicle Services Size 5000+ Employees, $1B+ Revenue

Loomis Fargo & Co. CMS Teller: (Current Employee)

“Your job consumes your whole life.”


Work is fairly easy once you are trained and get the hang of it. Had good teamwork among coworkers. Decent benefits and yearly raises.


Chronically understaffed and this is coming from someone that's been there over 5 years. Because you're understaffed you end up working into overtime everyday and cannot leave until ALL the work is done, no matter how much. So give up having a family or social life if you work here.

Loomis Fargo & Co. Armed Service Tech in Portland, OR: (Current Employee)

“Dead end.”


You carry a weapon everywhere even into PDX, people see your job as vital.


You are a walking target 24/7.

Loomis Fargo & Co. Anonymous: (Current Employee)

“Great Place to Work Very Challenging”


Busy, difficult and good co workers

Loomis Fargo & Co. Atm Technician in San Diego, CA: (Current Employee)

“If you want a career don't work for Loomis.” 0 of 0 people found this helpful


Job security - benefits easy layed back job but management style is terrible. Wages are poor for the the work being done.


management no respect management no respect management no respect management no respect

Advice to Senior Management

Been there for 7 years. 4 different managers. The best manager they fired. I think that says it all. There has never been a manger who retired, they have been fired.


Learn as you go and demanding

Loomis Fargo & Co. Armored Driver/Guard in Los Angeles, CA: (Current Employee)

“NOT A GOOD PLACE TO WORK” 0 of 0 people found this helpful


-get paid about 11.70 starting out

-If you want long hours, you got it

-People you work with are awesome, mostly hispanic and black people so you may feel a little left out, but they are amazing, fun, and GREAT people to talk to, shame to never see them again

-When talking to management, they are nice, and do take what you say into consideration

-they pay for your guard card certification classes



Oh here we go.....

-The armored trucks are crap, most of them have very bad AC

-to get a truck/van fixed, it takes forever and the problem will still exist

-The armored vans have HORRIBLE side mirrors. Most of the time you are going to have to slowly and blindly move over into other lanes of traffic

-the steering is almost always off on the vehicles, and no one will change it

-get ready to have people blaring and honking their horns at you ALL DAY if youre in the van

-They don't pay you for your gear or give you and gear to wear

-VERY long hours, and if you lived a while away like I did, the extra money won't mean a thing

-If you ever try to get a hold of dispatch, or management from the phone line, get ready to never talk to anyone, so if you're ever under fire, no need calling your management

-Jobs: Either be stuck up font, driving all day tired as hell and forcing yourself to stay awake, or in the back, crammed and in a little seat, feeling every single bump in the road, intensified

-My last day of working, I worked 15 hours straight, and they didn't tell me that I was going to be taking another shift after mine was done

Armored Driver/Guard - Hourly

$12.87/hr $12$14

Vault Clerk - Hourly

$12.12/hr $11$14

Cash Teller - Hourly

$10.11/hr $8

Armed Service Tech - Hourly


How is life at the Loomis Chaffee School?

How is life at the Loomis Chaffee School?

I myself did not go to loomis Chaffee because i live in Windsor and did not want to pay the money to just be a day student. However i have done summer enrichment programs there and some at Choate rosemary hall. I also have several friends there. I LOVED my weeks there. The work load for school isnt easy but its not impossible. People there like school and can carry on intelligent conversations but also have fun LOADS of fun.

The atmosphere is a lot like a college or if you have or have not read harry potter. its like harry potter (minus the magic of course). At Choate as well as loomis you are a part of the town as well as the school. You spend a lot of time on campus but there are great things in town too. Theres a million activities to do. People are really nice and you form bonds with them you cant get anywhere else. because your living with them.

There are a few downsides. not with loomis but with a boarding school in general. If you are very attacted to your family bording school might not be for you. for me i chose not to do boarding school because of money and because i would have been a junior transfer. Also because of soccer. in a boarding school travel soccer you cant do. However! any other thing you basically can do. they have amazing arts and musics and sports, just not travel teams obviously.

Overall. Boarding school particularly Loomis Is a great experience. and if you have the oppertunity to go. GO! it paves the way for a bright future and college. and is an amazing irreplacable life experience.

Z for Zacharia: Was Mr. Loomis trying to kill Ann ?

Z for Zacharia: Was Mr. Loomis trying to kill Ann ?

Having read the book but not seen the movie I think Mr. Loomis was so desperate not to be alone that he might have meant to kill Ann rather than let her go. He was trying to keep her around though so I think he would have tried everything to capture and not kill her. In their post nuclear world he might never come upon another person in a fallout free environment safe to live in, in his mind he had to keep Ann maybe to rebuild the world maybe just out of desperation, but again I think his motive was to wound her so she couldn't escape, to keep her around not to kill her.

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