Lung Cancer Awareness Month on November, 2024: Why isn't there a prostate cancer awareness month? Or a lungbrain cancer awareness month?

November, 2024 is Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2024. Relay for Life Colon cancer is often

Why isn’t there a prostate cancer awareness month? Or a lung/brain cancer awareness month?

You are my new best though.

I too wonder why awareness is not raised for all types of cancer, regardless of where they originate. I don't wish harm to anyone either, but the last time Iooked, you needed your brain to live, but you could live without your breasts (my m-i-l, mother and others have had it and lived a wonderful life after their mastectomies).

I have brain cancer and yet all I ever hear about is how this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so gee, in Philly, let's turn all the lights in buildings downtown PINK at night, not to mention all 3 bridges. The Eagles are wearing pink during their games (football players wearing pink is a sight).

Where's the grey for Brain Tumors and Brain Cancer? Where are all the other colors? Why aren't they being shown? Because no one else can get theirs noticed because of all the press about Breast Cancer, that's why.

Breast cancer awareness month???

Breast cancer awareness month???

Different governments and organisations have declared different months as AIDS Awareness Month. The most frequent choice is December, as World AIDS Day is on December 1st each year.

Lung Cancer Awareness Month, and Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month are both November. Yes, they share a month - but there are only 12 months in any given year. Take a look at this Cancer Awareness Month calender :

You'll see that, for example, breast cancer shares its awareness month with liver cancer.

But there's a reason that breast cancer has a higher profile than other cancers, and Tarkarri has explained it - sheer hard work.

People have limited time for campaigns; those who campaign around illnesses are usually concerned with the illness that's affected them or their family. I know a couple who have a child with a very rare and life-threatening condition. Much of their time is now taken up with campaigning around this condition - fund raising, agitating for more funding for research, more education, more awareness etc.

They're doing what what the women who started the breast cancer awareness campaign did. Breast cancer awareness campaigns and Awareness Month started as a campaign by ordinary women, most of whom had breast cancer or had lost someone to it, to raise awareness so that people knew the symptoms, examined themselves regularly, attended their routine mammograms etc. It caught the public imagination and enthusiastic participation and hard work by women made it grow into something nationally, then internationally, recognised.

And it's as a result of the hard work by those women that breast cancer is no longer the automatic death sentence it once was (but don't lose sight of the fact that in the US an average of 112 women die from breast cancer every day; in the UK.that average is 33 a day - I don't have statistics for other countries).

There is nothing to stop anyone working as hard as they did to raise awareness and funds for other cancers or other conditions

Did anyone realise its National Lung Cancer awareness month?

Did anyone realise its National Lung Cancer awareness month?

I took a look, and noticed on the kids section the following, which said that passive smoking caused:

"Increased risk of coronary heart disease.

A 10-30% increased risk of lung cancer for non-smokers who are exposed to passive smoking over long periods of time."

This is complete nonsense. There is no scientifically verifiable evidence linking passive smoking with either coronary heart disease or lung cancer: on the contrary, the largest study ever conducted with a sample of over 35,000 non-smoking spouses of smokers, by scientists from the Universities of Califonia and New York, found that there was no statistical evidence ot suggest these non-smokers (in a study which ran from 1959 to 1998) suffered greater mortality rates than non-smokers generally from either coronary heart disease or lung cancer at any time or any level of exposure.

Since when did the Roy Castle Foundation engage in blatantly misleading, scaremongering propaganda?

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