Lyme Disease Awareness Month on May, 2023: Did You Know That Its Lyme Disease Awareness Month?

May, 2023 is Lyme Disease Awareness Month 2023. Lyme Disease LLMD's‎ Lyme Experts (View Our Treatments). Proven Results, We Can Help You!

Did You Know That Its Lyme Disease Awareness Month?

I know OUR governor here in NH declared May 'Lyme Awareness Month' last Friday afternoon, at the Capital building.

Good Thing, as there is still a serious lack of knowledge of the risks of the likelyhood of contracting this disease by allowing infected deer ticks to beome engorged on the body!

I found 2 tiny ticks on my lower 1/2 early one morning. I got 'em both off, though 1 was 1/3 "dove in" (a tough removal).

I had no immediate symptoms, NO rash & yet my thyroid was WHACKED 4 weeks later and I started suffering serious rib pain 4 MONTHS later. It took me 1 month & 3 docs to get diagnosed (I was LUCKY!) Then 8 months & $20,000.00 in medical costs & lost income (I couldn't work) to get better!!!

'TICK CHECK' every time you or a child comes in from the woods, esp during peak tick times (rainy May & June days) AND a tick check before bed. ;) A couple hours on ya & not much of a risk. All day/Overnight deer tick "visits" & you'd better get to the doc's (pref WITH the tick) for FOUR weeks of doxy or amoxy. This is NOT a disease to say, "Ahh, heck...1 tiny tick & I got it off O.K."! A bull's eye develops only 40-50% of the time. >50% of deer ticks are Lyme+ in So. NH/ coastal New England down thru New York all the way to VA......DON'T TAKE CHANCES!!

Why the silence on Lymes Disease?

Why the silence on Lymes Disease?

That IS the $64,000.00 question. I can only only think of one entity with the power to silence the American press. And I bet you can too. May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month. The documentary Under Our Skin will air for the first time on television. Check your local PBS station. I'm aware of at least 10 Lyme related events taking place in my area during the month of May. A google search may turn up some in yours. posts news about upcoming events on their web site.

I just ordered a copy of a new book about Lyme that I had a chance to thumb through at a support group yesterday. It's 800 plus pages (no pictures). The author PJ Langhoff has written several other books on Lyme. You can go on and use the Look Inside feature to see the table of contents, etc. I'm a slow reader so I may never get through the whole thing but I know there will be lots of juicy bits. This one is titled God Science, ISBN# 978 0 9654580-7-8.

I know many people with serious illness caused by Lyme disease. Everyone I meet knows someone with Lyme. One thing's certain. It's not going to disappear.

Lyme Disease Treatment in Canada?

Lyme Disease Treatment in Canada?

Thank You, my daughter had lyme and we went to about 20 different doctors on about a years time. None of them diagnosed her with lyme, most blowing it off saying it was nothing, others saying it was just the flu or sore muscles. One even saying that it was all in her head and that we should take her to a psychiatrist. We finally figured out ourselves that it was probably lyme disease and took her to a lyme specialist who confirmed that it was. I go on yahoo answers as often as I can now and just type in lyme under search and tell people to see a lyme specialist right away. I don't want anyone to have to go through all that my daughter did. If we had caught the lyme right away, her treatments would have been something like 3 weeks of antibiotic treatments instead of the 9 months on a pick line that it turned into.

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