Mabon Day 2022 is on Thursday, September 22, 2022: How will you celebrate MabonFirst Day of Fall?

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Thursday, September 22, 2022 is Mabon Day 2022. craftycelticcutie: Merry Mabon Mabon or Autumn Equinox is the

How will you celebrate Mabon/First Day of Fall?

I was a bit late celebrating Mabon, so I am doing my celebrating today. I am making baked apples and a walnut salad and will eat my late lunch outside. I have also been making a collection for goods to donate to Goodwill/shelters and doing some "fall cleaning". I plan to pick pears from my grandfather's pear tree (who passed in 2000) to make pear-applesauce in honor of his love of gardening and of life. After the sun has gone down a bit, I'd like to take a walk in the woods on my property to offer seeds/grains for birds, squirrels or any other animal-life and to collect for my Mabon altar. I hope you had a fulfilling and joyous Mabon! Blessed be!

What day will Mabon 2010 be in illinois?

What day will Mabon 2010 be in illinois?

Mabon (equinox) in Illinois is the same day as the rest of the world. Sept 23. but many will celebrate on the weekend.

Wiccans: Mabon Balanced Scale Ritual?

Wiccans: Mabon Balanced Scale Ritual?

Mabon means "divine youth". celebrations of Mabon date back to 3000BC or possibly before. it is the second of three harvest festivals. All the world over, great reverence has been paid to the last sheaf of corn to be cut on the harvest field, which was believed to embody the spirit of the corn. Hence corn dollies and other talismans and amulets were fashioned at this time in hopes the family would be blessed with good fortune.

Magickal Ideas: Dip leaves in paraffin and use them in your ritual. Bless them and give them as gifts.

Visit a local orchard to find deity offerings

Thank a field for rendering it's harvest

Decorate your altar with a corucopia, fruit, grape vines

Have a going away party for The Green Man

Make wands of willow

Use pomegranate on your alter in association with Persephone

Write down on paper things you have planted in your life this year,

which you are now harvesting. Read your list aloud, saying,

"for all these things i give thanks" then burn the paper


Mabon brings the scent of autumn, golden glow and sun's soft kiss.

Magick swirls and eddies onward, season's end demands all this.

The wheel is turning ever foreward, fill the cauldron, light the fire,

cast the magick ever higher!

Find the laughter, make ye merry, Touch the heartbeat of our Mother

Libra brings an air of beauty, gracing all with harvest lore

Listen closely wisdom's duty, Look within to find the door

(repeat second stanza)

The fruits are heavy on the trees, yellow gold and orange leaves

Nature's show of alchemy, Ever clear to you and me

(repeat second stanza)

Remember that Mabon is witches Thanksgiving if you would like to do a dinner.

Have a blessed Mabon and i hope this helped.

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