MAGS Day 2023 is on Friday, September 29, 2023: difference between mags and rims?

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difference between mags and rims..?

mags is short for magnesium (sp) which are rims sometimes

are made of. now days they call aluminum rims mags.

magnesium is very dangerus when it burns it burns very

hot and nothing will put it out, that's one reason they don't

use it any more.

and rims are well as name implys they are rims and they

basically hold a tire, usually steel.

Name of the day......?

Name of the day......?

1. in love with it

2. 10

3. Yes!

4. Maggie Ann<3, Maggie Teresa, Maggie Mae.

5. no nickname, but if i had to Mags

6. Maggie

Keeping AR mags loaded.?

Keeping AR mags loaded.?

I have never had a problem with aluminum AR mags but plastic mags are a different matter. I only have one but if kept loaded, the lips definitely swell out and make it a very tight fit. After removing the rounds and letting the mag sit for a day or so, it went back to it's original shape and no more problem. For just pleasure shooting, the plastic mag works great. But I don't think I would want to have to carry it around loaded for very long.

If you want to keep mags loaded, you can experiment with the plastic but I now stick with metal mags.

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