Make A Friend's Day 2025 is on Tuesday, February 11, 2025: is it friend's day?

Tuesday, February 11, 2025 is Make A Friend's Day 2025. Make a friend day Make A Friend Day is easy for

Make A Friend’s Day

When there is each day to dust your friendship bracelet off or polish your personalized ‘Best Friend’ mug, then here it is. Create a Friend’s Day is special day when pranks are pardoned,game tickets are passed around and IOU’s are redeemed. How this holiday came from remains a mysterious, but we are able to only thank whomever concocted it because our plant centers and friendship clubs are buzzing readily. If perhaps pubs experienced the Create a Friend holiday spirit, too! So stock on chocolates and occasional, out on another be worried about that rain since you may meet somebody new yet, plus they may be putting on an ‘I Hate Attacking Young Boys, too’ t-shirt. If you are searching for new friend fishing lures, listed here are a couple of conversation starters: shown shades, ‘Save the paramecium’ balloons, and ‘Don’t mind me, I’m bored’ temple tats.

is it friend’s day?

Every day is friend's day

Hypothetical Legal Advice Regarding A Friend’s Illegal Day Care Business?

Hypothetical Legal Advice Regarding A Friend's Illegal Day Care Business?

WOW! I think there are two questions here!

Let's take Sarah's dwarfism first. Or, should i say little people! There are millions of little people in the world, not all of them have dwarfism. They have a tendency to boost their stature by being a "know it all"! Some people buy BIG cars to compensate their size. I have a brother-in-law who, trying to be nice about the subject, let's you know HE is the smartest, and whatever subject that comes up, HE knows all about it! KInds of makes me laugh, cos he didn't even finish high school! Wears a big cow-boy hat and high heeled boots! They don't want to be missed in the crowd, so they let themselves be known be being obnoxious! Sarah IS very insecure, cos it seems she is listening to her mother,( I assume SHE is of normal size! ) and instead of using her own brain and thoughts, is only passing on her mother's opinion!

Best thing to do with Sarah, is NOT to discuss any medical problem with her. She is NOT a doctor, and ALL cases are different! Only you know what's best for your body, and what works! Doctors aren't Gods, and they don't know all the answers either!

NOW for the illegal Dat care business. I am surprised the authorities haven't caught on to her activities by now! I don't know about Canada, but to run a legitimate Day Care Center, he home HAS to be set up to accommodate the children/ For instance, each child has to have his own sleeping area, a clean play area, the person should have some medical knowledge in case one of the kids gets sick. As a mother, I would be very concerned about the safety of my child in such a place. My sons girl friend pulled this stunt IN my son's home! I just happened to take some dry cleaning I had done for him over to his house, II had a key to the place!!! My son happened to be at work at the time!! What I walked into shocked me! SHE had HER kid and five other little tykes running all over the place and the place was a mess! There was one little boy, obviously sick and crying! I asked her what the hell did she think she was doing!! She said she was running a day care center!!! I asked her if she had a license to do so, and did my son know what she was doing!!! DUH! She very sweetly said to me, what was I going to do about it!? Meaning, my son could also get into trouble for allowing her to run a care center! I in turn, said, OK! but there was nothing stopping me from telling the kids parents, and how she was treating the kids, especially the one who was sick!

Best thing for you to do, is call the authorities. I don't know what kind of a place she is running, but I will bet they will find something wrong with the place!!! Don't do it for yourself, do it for the kids who go there.

my friend’s ex has been crying all day?

my friend's ex has been crying all day?

Maybe he's just very stressed, haven't he been eating for days?? That may be the problem of the stomachache... The headache maybe caused because of the depressed feelings and stressed... So try to feed him and calm him down...

Too. Much details to explain but I hope u'll understand...

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