Measure Your Feet Day 2023 is on Monday, January 23, 2023: how can i measure time of a day by counting the length of my shadow using foot?

Monday, January 23, 2023 is Measure Your Feet Day 2023. Lynden Shoes: Measure Your Feet Day and Shoe of the Week Measure Your Feet Day was

Measure Your Feet Day

Getting each day devoted to ft appears just like a bizarre concept, but remarkably, you do exist. Measure Your Feet Day is really a holiday having a difference, and something where you will find the chance to provide your ft a bit more attention! People rarely consider their ft, but they're part in our everyday lives and wish just as much care just like any other area in our physiques.Ensuring you've footwear that really match your ft is among the how to have them healthy and stop any problems occurring. Just when was the final time you required an effective measurement of the ft?There isn’t any better time to obtain the tape out the foot of your drawer and recheck their size than Measure Your Feet Day. Make certain you are taking some the precise dimensions to get correctly fitting footwear.

how can i measure time of a day by counting the length of my shadow using foot?

Ready-To-Use Teaching Ideas: Math


craft sticks-at least three for each child


shadow measuring sheet-this is a sheet where children will record their findings each time they go outside to measure their shadows: "My shadow is ___ at 9:00 a.m.," "My shadow is __ at 1:00 p.m.," and so on

Developing Skills:




math vocabulary words

In Advance:

Show children how to use a ruler and let them practice measuring with it for a short time.


To spark children's interest, read some books and hold a discussion about shadows. What is a shadow? How is it made? Where do shadows come from? When children finish contributing their ideas and thoughts, provide a few concrete examples of what makes a shadow. Be sure children understand that a shadow occurs when something is blocking the light.

On a bright and sunny day, take your class outside to measure shadows. What do they think their shadows will look like? Will they be big or small, tall or thin? Explain to children that they are going to become shadow experts by measuring their shadows at three different times during the day. Invite children to predict what will happen with the shadows.

Model how to stand with your back to the sun. Invite a student to place a craft stick on the ground at the top of your shadow and another where you are standing. Then model how to measure your shadow with a ruler. Invite pairs of children to line up and measure each other's shadows.

Go outside and record measurements several times during the day. How many rulers long is your shadow now? Did the shadow grow taller or shorter? Why do shadows change?

Hold a discussion with children at the end of the day. When were their shadows the longest? Why were the shadows long and thin in the morning? When were they the shortest? Why?

Remember: Model using a ruler and let children practice before they begin the activity. If this standard measurement tool is too advanced for your children, use a nonstandard unit of measure such as their feet or long unit blocks which they can lay down in the shadow and then count.

Curriculum Connection: SCIENCE

Shadows are everywhere and come in all shapes and sizes. They can be plain and simple or very complex. Head out on a shadow hunt around the neighborhood. Look at all the beautiful shadows made from things children see every day. Challenge them to look for the tallest, skinniest, fattest, or biggest shadow they can find.

About the Author

Risa Young is the former director of two early childhood programs in the New York City area, the Children's Aid Society's Greenwich Village Center and the Innovative Learning Center at the Long Island College Hospital. She has been a consultant to Early Childhood Today for more than eight years.

How come some people that look significantly shorter/taller on different days?

How come some people that look significantly shorter/taller on different days?


how ancient people measured the height of a tall building?

how ancient people measured the height of a tall building?

they measured the shadow,l looked at the sun position (day time ) and did basic geometry(trigonometry)

This is actually GREEK way of measuring

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