Ministry Appreciation Day 2021 is on Tuesday, October 12, 2021: How can we get more young people to go into the ministry?

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Tuesday, October 12, 2021 is Ministry Appreciation Day 2021. Preacher Appreciation Day - Over 100 Million Visitors‎ Discover and Explore on!

How can we get more young people to go into the ministry?

We don't need anyone "going into the ministry". The scriptures say we are in the ministry the moment we become a child of God.

If you mean how can we get more people to go into cemetary, ummm seminary, I'd say we already have too many who've been ruined by that man-made path to serving people. Usually what you get by that method is people steeped in doctrine, divided over doctrine, and measuring themselves against others with doctrine. Or, in other words, modern day Pharisees.

It's not a crisis that so many are not going into the ministry. The system man has set up to conjure spiritual life up in people isn't working too well, why not try it God's way? You'll have 100% of the people in ministry then.

1 Cor 14:26 is a good place to start.

HI, this question is for Seventh Day Adventist Christians, if you are out there?

HI, this question is for Seventh Day Adventist Christians, if you are out there?

I grew up as a Catholic. I went to church every Sunday with my family. I had my first Communion but was never confirmed. I never felt comfortable in the church. I just went through the motions. When I came to Canada I went to a Catholic church with my mother for a little while but stopped as I got nothing out of it. I came out the same way I went in. Time went by and then a restlessness came over me. I felt that I needed to join a church. So, I grabbed the phone book and started searching for churches close to where I lived. I wanted to attend church on Saturdays instead of Sundays because I knew that Saturday was the true Sabbath.

Eventually, I prayed about it. I asked God to lead me to a church which stood for His Truth and truly represented Christ, the Head of the church. God answered my prayer through a close friend who called me up to invite me to attend an Evangelistic series called Revelation Speaks Peace. She told me that I could go to any Seventh-day Adventist church as they were all broadcasting the series. There were two Adventist churches close to where I lived but I went to the one I passed everyday on my way to home from work.

I attended the series every night. I was truly blessed as I heard God's Word and my eyes were opened to its truths. What attracted me to the Seventh Day Adventist faith were God's leading and the fact that they follow the teachings in the Bible, keep of the Ten Commandments, including the seventh day Sabbath. And they have a great health message.

I enjoy the Sabbath School lessons, prayer meetings and the Sabbath school programs they have for children. I have a deeper understanding of the Bible thanks to the Bible Studies I have done on Adventist websites such as Cyberspace Ministry and Steps to Life. I also have a greater appreciation for prophecy thanks to books like The Great Controversy and Daniel and the Revelation. And I enjoy listening to Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor.

I feel truly blessed to be of the Seventh day Adventist faith and will always be grateful to God for leading me to the church when I was searching for one that places His truth above everything else.

EDIT: I agree with my brother, Anxirihui about the Ordinance of Humility. Coming from a Catholic church background, I was very surprised and impressed with the way the Adventist church observed the Lord's Supper. We have the foot washing service which teaches us about humility and service. And then the communion service where the congregation ate the bread and drank the grape wine together.

How to show appreciation for volunteers?

How to show appreciation for volunteers?

I do a luncheon each year. That feels wonderful to share all of the wonderful things that were accomplished through their efforts. WE also have a person affected by the ministry speak about what the place has done.

Do a newsletter quarterly. That helps them feel connected and make them feel like they are part of something larger than themselves.

For most volunteers, that is enough. Just to be recognized is plenty. And for some, they do not want even that. A nice personal letter would be kind as well.

It is great that you are thinking about your volutneers. Many directors do not and therefore do not have as many. If you know people who volunteer for the orginization, ask their advice, they would know better than some random person on the internet :-)

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