Mother Whistler Day 2021 is on Tuesday, May 18, 2021: IS IT Normal To Sit By an Open Window All Day Every Day? T?


Tuesday, May 18, 2021 is Mother Whistler Day 2021. Modern Day Whistler's Mother by EmeraldFission on deviantART Modern Day Whistler's Mother

IS IT Normal To Sit By an Open Window All Day Every Day? T?

"Wait a minute!" You said that she sits and stares out the window all day? Does she sit in a rocking chair? She might be-either Whistlers mother-or the mother in Psycho- How do you know so much about her life? LOL?

Which episode of Arrested Development is this from?

Which episode of Arrested Development is this from?

Gobias Industries is from Season 1 episode 20 'Whistlers Mother', Busters real father was Oscar.

do you think there is going to be enough snow on whistler and cypruse in time for the olympics?

do you think there is going to be enough snow on whistler and cypruse in time for the olympics?

(Whistler is fine....... Cypress.... you can read the article below, I live in Vancouver, it's been a battle but they'll pull it off! They are flying snow in from 3 hours away!!!!)

Workers toiling around the clock to build and preserve two key snow venues for the 2010 Winter Games are winning the battle despite unseasonably warm weather, Olympic officials said Thursday.

Armed with two helicopters, massive mine dump trucks, snow-moving equipment and not a small amount of straw, the Vancouver Organizing Committee says it is now sure that it can pull off the freestyle ski, snowboard and ski-cross events at Cypress Mountain.

Even if the weather doesn't cooperate and deliver fresh snow, the courses at the venue meet international sport federation standards for competition, said Tim Gayda, Vanoc's vice-president of sport.

"There is no intention of moving from this venue," he said."We've had the courses inspected by the IOC and the international federations for the snowboard and freestyle. They were very, very happy with what they saw."

Gayda said crews have been pushing large amounts of snow down from the top of Mount Strachan, which is above freezing temperature and where there is at least three metres of base.

They are using the powder to build out the courses on the other side at Black Mountain. Overall, more than 300 truckloads of snow have been moved and are now being pushed over top of more than 1,000 large bales of straw to build out the courses.

Overnight temperatures have been below freezing at the venue, allowing the course walls "to go rock hard", he said.

Gayda said Vanoc isn't banking on Mother Nature to provide large amounts of snow between now and opening day, Feb. 12.

"We are very, very confident that we have enough snow to be able to weather any kind of inclement weather we have rolling into the Games. From our point of view if we get winter coming back it just makes our lives easier," he said.

"If it doesn't, we have the resources, people and equipment to get the job done."

The extraordinary effort has caused Vanoc to rearrange some services, including broadcast positions, seating access and overlay plans. But the overall courses themselves have not been changed from the formats that were used for last winter's test events, he said.

Gayda couldn't say how much the extra effort is costing Vanoc, but said it comes out of a contingency budget that will be settled after the Games.

The problems at Cypress are in contrast to the extraordinary amount of snow that has fallen on the other snow courses in Whistler. Vanoc said there is nearly 10 metres of snow at Whistler Blackcomb, the site of the alpine skiing events.

Vanoc said since snow reporting began in 1980 this is the first time Blackcomb has received this much snow by the end of January.

IOC President Jacques Rogge told Canadian reporters in an interview from Lausanne Switzerland he has no worries about Cypress Mountain.

"The latest I have heard from Cypress Mountain is positive news. The field of play is absolutely impeccable and ready for competition. Competitions, according to the latest we got from Vanoc, will take place on schedule,"

Despite the best efforts of organizers "we humans and mortals cannot run the weather," he said.

Gayda said Vanoc can use snow-hardening chemicals if needed on competition days but will only do so if absolutely necessary. He said Vanoc received approval to use the chemicals when it filed its environmental assessment documents with the provincial government.

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