Moustache Month on November, 2023: Guys: Did you grow a mustache this month?

November, 2023 is Moustache Month 2023. November = Movember = Moustache Month! Movember = Moustache Month

Guys: Did you grow a mustache this month?

I didn't even know it was prostate cancer awareness month until I saw this question. Funny how if it were breast cancer it would be all over the media.

No I didn't grow moustache, I prefer clean shaven. IMO facial hair isn't for everyone.

noticeable mustache on my 6 month?

noticeable mustache on my 6 month?

How does asking about her baby's facial hair make her a bad mom? There's only one person here that mentioned wax and bleach, hmmmm.

My son was as hairy at 6 months old and it does fall off naturally. You could try the breast milk thing but it's probably just an old wives tale.

My son is now 12 months old and his facial hair has gone but his back is still extremely hairy - i've been told this will go in time too.

Just persevere for now. I can guarantee you baby won't be going to school with a moustache.



I personally don't find peach fuzz appealing. My recommendation to all teenage boys would be to start shaving regularly as soon as they start "fuzzing". It won't cause you to immediately be able to grow a man's mustache and beard, but clean shaven looks better than "not-quite-there". Give it some time, and when it fills out, then decide what to do with your facial hair.

P.S. A mustache on its own seems to be getting less and less common. I'm not one to follow trends, but a goatee and a mustache, or on some guys, hair on just the chin area (not a full beard) and no mustache looks best to me.

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