Name Your PC Day 2024 is on Wednesday, November 20, 2024: Can you name this game?

Wednesday, November 20, 2024 is Name Your PC Day 2024. Today is NAME YOUR PC DAY! « Darren Marlar – Marlar House Productions Today is NAME YOUR PC DAY!

Name Your PC Day

Odds are that you simply spend considerable time at the computer, whether that’s in your own home, work, or on the go in some instances most likely additional time than spent together with your buddies, family or family members! Yet despite all this time around together, your computer remains an anonymous stranger – seize the opportunity to bring your relationship one stage further by providing your pc a title on Name Your PC Day.

Can you name this game?

Darkest of Days, it's a PC game.

English relgious names ideas (its for a story plot in my game)?

English relgious names ideas (its for a story plot in my game)?

List of all Catholic Popes from St. Peter to the Present Day

This list is compiled from articles in the Original Catholic Encyclopedia. It is not an article from the print version, but is provided here for the benefit of of Internet visitors. The list is sortable by name (alpha) and by chronology.

Order ↓Name ↓YearsNotes

1Peter, Apostle, SaintReigned 33-67

2Linus, SaintReigned c.67-76

3Anacletus, SaintReigned 76-88aka Cletus

4Clement I, SaintReigned 88-97

5Evaristus, SaintReigned c.98- c.106Aristus in the Liberian Catalogue

6Alexander I, SaintReigned c.106-115

7Sixtus I, SaintReigned 115-125XYSTUS in the oldest documents

8Telesphorus, SaintReigned 125-136

9Hyginus, SaintReigned c.136-140

10Pius I, SaintReigned c.140-c.154

11Anicetus, SaintReigned c.157-168

12Soter, SaintReigned c.166-c.174

13Eleutherius, SaintReigned c.175-189

14Victor I, SaintReigned 189-c.198

15Zephyrinus, SaintReigned 198-217

16Callistus IReigned 218-c.222

17Urban IReigned 222-230

18Pontian, SaintReigned 230-235

19Anterus, SaintReigned 235-236aka Anteros

20Fabian, SaintReigned 236-250

21CorneliusReigned 251-253

22Lucius I, SaintReigned 253-254

23Stephen I, SaintReigned 254-257

24Sixtus II, SaintReigned 257-258XYSTUS in the oldest documents

25Dionysius, SaintReigned 260-268

26Felix I, SaintReigned 269-274

27Eutychianus, SaintReigned 275-283

28Caius, SaintReigned 283-296

29Marcellinus, SaintReigned 296-304

30Marcellus I, SaintReigned 308-309

31Eusebius, SaintReigned 309 or 310

32Miltiades, SaintReigned 311-314

33Sylvester I, SaintReigned 314-335

34Mark, SaintReigned 336aka Marcus

35Julius I, SaintReigned 337-352

36LiberiusReigned 352-366

37Damasus I, SaintReigned 366-383

38Siricius, SaintReigned 384-399

39Anastasius I, SaintReigned 399-401

40Innocent IReigned 401-417

41Zosimus, SaintReigned 417-418

42Boniface I, SaintReigned 418-422

43Celestine I, SaintReigned 422-432

44Sixtus III, SaintReigned 432-440XYSTUS in the oldest documents

45Leo I, SaintReigned 440-461

46Hilarus, SaintReigned 461-468

47Simplicius, SaintReigned 468-483

48Felix III (II), SaintReigned 483-492

49Gelasius I, SaintReigned 492-496

50Anastasius IIReigned 496-498

51Symmachus, SaintReigned 498-514

52Hormisdas, SaintReigned 514-523

53John I, SaintReigned 523-c.526

54Felix IV (III)Reigned 526-530

55Boniface IIReigned 530-532

56John IIReigned 533-535

57Agapetus I, SaintReigned 535-536

58Silverius, SaintReigned 536-537

59VigiliusReigned 537-555

60Pelagius IReigned 556-561

61John IIIReigned 561-574

62Benedict IReigned 575-579

63Pelagius IIReigned 579-590

64Gregory I (the Great), SaintReigned 590-604

65SabinianusReigned 604-606

66Boniface IIIReigned 607

67Boniface IVReigned 608-615

68Deusdedit, SaintReigned 615-618

69Boniface VReigned 619-625

70Honorius IReigned 625-638

71SeverinusReigned 640

72John IVReigned 640-642

73Theodore IReigned 642-649

74Martin I, SaintReigned 649-655

75Eugene IReigned 655-657

76Vitalian, SaintReigned 657-672

77Adeodatus, SaintReigned 672-676

78DonusReigned 676-678

79Agatho, SaintReigned 678-681

80Leo II, SaintReigned 682-683

81Benedict IIReigned 684-685

82John VReigned 685-686

83CononReigned 686-687

84Sergius I, SaintReigned 687-701

85John VIReigned 701-705

86John VIIReigned 705-707

87SisinniusReigned 708

88ConstantineReigned 708-715

89Gregory II, SaintReigned 715-731

90Gregory III, SaintReigned 731-741

91Zachary, SaintReigned 741-752

92Stephen IIElected 752died before his consecration; excluded from some lists

93Stephen III (II)Reigned 752-757

94Paul IReigned 757-767

95Stephen IV (III)Reigned 768-772

96Adrian IReigned 772-795

97Leo III, SaintReigned 795-816

98Stephen V (IV)Reigned 816-817

99Paschal IReigned 817-824

100Eugene IIReigned 824-827

101ValentineReigned 827

102Gregory IVReigned 827-844

103Sergius IIReigned 844-847

104Leo IV, SaintReigned 847-855


how do I clean my pc and start from day one?

how do I clean my pc and start from day one?

Name of computer and which operating system?

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