National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week on November, 2024: Just wanted to share with you all?

National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week 2024. CT Real Estate Barbara Altieri : National Animal Shelter ... National Animal Shelter

Just wanted to share with you all....?

thank you for loving animals I wish more people did. I'm at my limit and cannot provide for more. 5 cats, 2 dogs 3cats were rescue and both dogs were rescue.

Would I be getting into ANY of the following colleges?

Would I be getting into ANY of the following colleges?

What's University of Columbia? Do you mean Columbia University in NY?

What were your AP exam scores?

Did you take the regular SATs? What were your scores there? If not, why??

What kind of club is Crown and Scepter? An academic honors-type club?

Are you a resident of California? I'm assuming so, and it will help your chances because residents have a much higher rate of acceptance to UCs.

I think you will get into at least one of those colleges, probably a few UCs. Your class rank, high school course load, SAT IIs, and volunteerism are your strongest points. Northwestern and Columbia are reaches... what are your safeties? Maybe you should apply to a California State University branch just in case.

The UC and CS applications are more formulaic, so test scores, GPA, class rank and such things matter more. Do you have to write essays for those applications? Northwestern and Columbia are probably more essay-driven, where you really have a chance to shine through and stick out above the numbers. WORK HARD ON YOUR ESSAYS! (and don't procrastinate)! Get the entire application proofread! And think about crafting each application to give insight into who you really are.

Ok, now the things that you probably shouldn't focus on so much in your applications:

-An 800 on your SAT II in Chinese when it's your first language. Take another SAT II in Psychology or World History.

-Your course load at community college. Were you taking classes for fun or for credit? Or are you trying to get some pre-reqs out of the way? I'm just thinking there are probably more difficult courses offered at your high school than Music Appreciation or English 101 at a CC. I'd be more surprised if you didn't get all "A"s.

-Random trips that don't seem to connect to other extracurriculars (Costa Rica, CO). Are you involved with Outward Bound or whatever you're doing in CR year-round? Are those trips related to other interests?

-Short-lived extracurriculars like debate or cross country. One year of involvement isn't very impressive, unless it's something you're doing like 15+ hours/week or won a bunch of awards at.

Extracurriculars are a way to demonstrate your interests and show commitment and passion-- depth, not breadth. The different pieces should come together to paint a bigger picture about you. What is that picture? That you love animals? Or fundraising? That you're a bookworm who's really involved in your local library? Having too many random, disconnected pieces on board waters down the total picture. Try to connect the dots between going to Costa Rica and being in Crown and Scepter and your Chinese roots...

What are my chances for Ivy League (and other) colleges?

What are my chances for Ivy League (and other) colleges?

You have an excellent chance of getting in!!! You have all the great academic points covered. I would recommend a couple of things:

Get letters of reference from people in your community such as from your church or others who know of your accomplishments. Try not to get them from teachers as you want to be a "well-rounded" person!

If you can, do volunteer work this summer. Animal shelter, reading to the elderly or blind something like that. This shows that you give back and care about your community.

When you get an interview with univ. admissions, be sure to dress neat, shake hand, good eye contact and smile! Take your time answering Q as it shows you don't jump into answers but instead, think and reason.


Holidays also on this date Friday, November 1, 2024...