National Chestnut Week on October, 2023: 7 course meal? recipes? husbands home after 2 weeks gone want to surprise him?

National Chestnut Week 2023. Chestnut Hill College makes national rankings; goalie Maurer is ... Chestnut Hill College

7 course meal? recipes? husbands home after 2 weeks gone want to surprise him?

Appetizer: Crisp bread sticks or bagel chips with warm cheese spread.

Go to and look up Arkansas Sin for cheese dip.

Salad: Fresh greens with mandarin oranges, water chestnuts, and a sweet oriental dressing.

Soup: Baked french onion soup

For soup recipe

Main Entree: Stuffed cornish hens with steamed asparagus and sweet potato souffle

for stuffed cornish hen recipe

for sweet potato souffle recipe (excellent recipe by the way)

Warm rolls with honey butter

Honey butter recipe: 2 sticks real butter, softened

1/4 & 1/8 cup honey, 1/2 tbsp cinnamon. Whip together and serve

Dessert: Chocolate berry parfaits

for parfait recipe.

These recipes are all tried and true recipes. Very good and my family and guests have enjoyed them.

how manyareburied at Arlington cemetary?

how manyareburied at Arlington cemetary?

More than 300,000 people are buried at Arlington Cemetery.

Veterans from all the nation's wars are buried in the cemetery, from the American Revolution through the Iraq and Afghanistan. Pre-Civil War dead were reinterred after 1900.

The federal government dedicated a model community for freed slaves, Freedman's Village, near the current Memorial Amphitheater, Dec. 4, 1863. More than 1,100 freed slaves were given land by the government, where they farmed and lived during and after the Civil War. They were turned out in 1890 when the estate was repurchased by the government and dedicated as a military installation.

In Section 27, are buried more than 3,800 former slaves, called "Contrabands" during the Civil War. Their headstones are designated with the word "Civilian" or "Citizen."

Arlington National Cemetery and Soldiers Home National Cemetery are administered by the Department of the Army. All other National Cemeteries are administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs, or the National Park Service.

Arlington House (Custis-Lee Mansion) and the grounds in its immediate vicinity are administered by the National Park Service.

The flags in Arlington National Cemetery are flown at half-staff from a half hour before the first funeral until a half hour after the last funeral each day. Funerals are normally conducted five days a week, excluding weekends.

Funerals, including interments and inurnments, average 28 a day.

With more than 300,000 people buried, Arlington National Cemetery has the second-largest number of people buried of any national cemetery in the United States. Arlington National Cemetery conducts approximately 6,900 burials each year. The largest of the 130 national cemeteries is the Calverton National Cemetery, on Long Island, near Riverhead, N.Y. That cemetery conducts more than 7,000 burials each year.

The Tomb of the Unknowns is one of the more-visited sites at Arlington National Cemetery The Tomb is made from Yule marble quarried in Colorado. It consists of seven pieces, with a total weight of 79 tons. The Tomb was completed and opened to the public April 9, 1932, at a cost of $48,000.

Three unknown servicemen are buried at the Tomb of the Unknowns:

A joint-service casket team holds a U.S. flag outstretched above the casket bearing the remains of the Vietnam Unknown, while President Ronald Reagan places a wreath at the casket's head during entombment ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery.

Unknown Soldier of World War I, interred Nov. 11, 1921. President Harding presided. Unknown Soldier of World War II, interred May 30, 1958. President Eisenhower presided. Unknown Soldier of the Korean Conflict, interred May 30, 1958. President Eisenhower presided, Vice President Nixon acted as next of kin. An Unknown Soldier of the Vietnam Conflict, interred May 28, 1984. President Reagan presided. The remains of the Vietnam Unknown were disinterred May 14, 1998, and were identified as those of Air Force 1st Lt. Michael J. Blassie, whose family has reinterred him near their home in St. Louis, Mo. It has been determined that the crypt at the Tomb of the Unknowns that contained the remains of the Vietnam Unknown will remain empty.) The Tomb of the Unknowns is guarded by the U.S. Army 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The 3rd U.S. Infantry (The Old Guard) began guarding the Tomb April 6, 1948.

On July 24, 1998, U.S. Capitol Police Officers John Michael Gibson, 42, and Jacob Joseph Chestnut, 58, were killed in the line of duty. They are buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Special Agent Gibson is buried in Section 28. Officer Chestnut, a retired Air Force master sergeant, is buried in Section 4.

In addition to in-ground burial, Arlington National Cemetery also has one of the larger columbariums for cremated remains in the country. Eight courts are currently in use, with over 38,500 niches. In addition to the columbarium courts, inurnments take place in Arlington National Cemetery’s Niche Wall Columbarium in section 70 as well. The Niche Wall Columbarium has the capacity for more than 6,500 niches.

When construction is complete, there will be nine courts with a total of over 60,000 niches; capacity for more than 100,000 remains. Any honorably discharged veteran is eligible for inurnment in the columbarium.

Is $3700 USD (airfare/Eurail already purchased) enough for 9 weeks backpacking Europe?

Is $3700 USD (airfare/Eurail already purchased) enough for 9 weeks backpacking Europe?

Personally, I think you're underestimating your expenses for a trip this long - especially if you intend to visit any of the museums, galleries, or other attractions. $3700 is approximately 2550 euro at the exchange rate right now. However, you'll lose value when you make an exchange either by getting a lower rate, paying a commission, or both. You'll actually have less than 40 euro a day for the trip.

You need to know, that even with your Eurail pass, most high speed, international and night trains will require a reservation and a supplemental fee; only the slower regional trains are hop-on, hop-off with the pass. You also won't be able to use the pass in some places along the way. See:

This is a good resource for rail travel here in Europe: . Some of your travel distances are quite long, but should be doable given the 9 week plan. For example, Madrid to Bern takes 16 to 22 hours depending on the connections even using the high speed trains. Budapest to Stockholm will be 26 to 39 hours in transit.

How do you plan to get from Egypt to Croatia? Is that expense already included?

If you're lucky, hostels will be under 40% of your daily budget (est 15 euro per night), but they could be somewhat more - most are 25 euro and up.

Food prices will vary depending on where you go and what you eat. Here in Italy, I usually count on 25 to 50 euro for a meal when I'm out exploring, but you can eat for somewhat less in most places. I had a very good chestnut & porcini soup, a half liter of water, and an espresso for 18 euro in Venice on a recent trip. For reference, a McDonald's McMenu meal (medium size) is around 7 euro. You can usually find a panino or pizza by the slice for 3 to 6 euro and a coke will set you back 1.50 to 2 euro in many places. You can eat less by going to the market though and getting your own bread, salami, and drinks. In Venice, you can get cups of fruit in the outdoor market for a couple of euro. Food is generally cheaper and less expensive away from the immediate area of the tourist attractions. You'll want to avoid sitting in the Grand Caffès (Florians, Quadri, etc) in Venice - just an espresso can be 8 euro. With your budget, you're going to have very little to spend on going out or alcohol.

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