National Clean Off Your Desk Day 2024 is on Saturday, January 13, 2024: Do you have any idea on how America could lower its national debt?

Saturday, January 13, 2024 is National Clean Off Your Desk Day 2024. National Clean Off Your Desk Day - National Days - Marketing Ideas ... National Clean Off Your Desk

Do you have any idea on how America could lower its national debt?

1) Everyone stop wasting money. Like cities who get grants for street work or sidewalks. One town near me in New Jersey got a grant to have the roads re-paved. There was nothing wrong with them. Instead of saying they don't need the money, send it to another town that can use it, they say if we don't use it, we lose it and they pave roads that were just fine to begin with.

2) Another example of town wasting money, Hightstown New Jersey, got a grant to have an outside independent company study if they should merge their Police Force with another town. The company said they would save a lo9t of money by doing so. What do they do, they say no. We'll keep things the way they are. They should have to pay the money back if they put in for grant money and then don't listen to the results.

3) Government workers. It's fine to cut payroll. But they make a big show cutting the little workers (no insult intended). They do all the work. When a large group of them get laid off, then the rest just get more work put on their plate. Meanwhile the high paid political appointees sit at their desks with nothing to do but surff the internet all day just go along collecting their fat paychecks. They should go after them. That is where the waste is.

4) They should also put more people to work. Not increase the unemployement rolls or the time people are allowed to work. Take that money and physically create jobs. They don't have to be glamor jobs. You want money, go sweep a street or clean up the side of the highway. If you don't like that work, feel free to find another job. That way, work is being done, the government would pay out less money, and the people that would now be working would pay more taxes.

5) My last suggestion would be to increase the social security tax threshold. Currently when you reach a dollar figure for the amount of money you make (Aprox $100,000) they stop taking the tax out of your paycheck. Increase that so that the social security tax is always taken out of your paycheck no matter how much you make. Limit how much a person can collect when they retire to the amount based on the $100,000 if you want, (if thats what their salary was, but why should big executives stop paying this tax in early January and not have to pay another dime towards it the rest of the year. (PS, this includes congressman, senators, and the president.

What should I visit on my 3 day 3 night trip to D.C.?

What should I visit on my 3 day 3 night trip to D.C.?

There are several walking tours you can take that are exceptional! Also, there is a guided tour of DC at night that you won't want to miss. Depending on where you are staying, most hotels have tour information at the reservation desk and the tour company picks you up at the hotel. If you tour the museums, make sure you plan on spending HOURS at each one. The air and space museum took us half a day and we didn't see everything. The Holocaust museum is one you won't want to miss...very moving.

If you do one of the walking tours, you'll catch all the main places like the National Archives, the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, treasury building, Jefferson Memorial, etc. If you decide to go to the National Archives--which I highly recommend--be absolutely certain you turn the flash off on your camera or the DC police will escort you right out and you won't be allowed back in. There was a man there who insisted on using his flash and was warned twice before they threw him out. Because of the age of the documents, flashes have an adverse affect.

Enjoy the city. It's remarkably clean and the history is right at your fingertips!

How much time have you spent today asking or answering?

How much time have you spent today asking or answering?

More than average - our network has been down most of the day due to updating our accounting software - what else am I going to do? Clean my desk, no thanks - It's national Goof Off day.

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