National GLBT Book Month on June, 2024: How do you pick up girls? am not good with words.?

June, 2024 is National GLBT Book Month 2024. June is National GLBT book month June is National GLBT book month

How do you pick up girls? am not good with words.?

Advice from Hersband,

Well, I have to tell you when I went to college I had just come out. I realized it was hard to see a lesbian woman. First of all everyone was being like a hippie. So everyone looked alike. For a period gays and lesbians developed a certain haircut and way of dressing so you could identify each other. But now, it seems that everyone is merging looks and clothing again. Or I should say piercing and tattoos. Who is gay and who is not gay?? That would be the question. What I found helped was finding out if there was a gay/lesbian center on campus. Now it maybe a gay/lesbian/bi-sexual/transgendered center. This type of organization will have a lot of activities to get people together. There may even be monthly dances on campus. You certainly will find many women involved here and most of them will be lesbian. If there is no such organization on campus then look for a local coffee house or campus book store. Someplace you may find where there are a lot of people where you can just sit and observe until you feel more comfortable. When you frequent enough you get to know the locals. I have always found just saying "hello" to people and try to start a simple honest conversation. I look for the signs if I just bothered them or they do not want to talk to me. I never use a come on line cause everyone hates those. I have met the most interesting people in the strangest places by asking them a question or over hearing their conversation and interjecting in a comment. I found if you have a sense of humor you will get more people to talk back. Once you have a conversation going feel things out. By this I mean, ask where they hang out. What types of places and things are enjoyment. Do your homework. Find out what and where the gay places are so if names are dropped most likely you just found another gay person. Once you find someone to hang out with, be open minded and try new stuff. I think soon you will find some friends who have friends and open up your world to discovering all sorts of things in college and gay life.

And so, I always think these are good butch perspectives,


Advice from Wife,

This question couldn’t have come at a better time, considering that this morning I was discussing with Hersband that this month (October) was not only Breast Cancer Awareness Month but it was also GLBT History month and then she informed me that on October 11th it was National Coming Out day. Go figure a day just to jump up and down and say HEY WORLD IM GAY!!! Not like straight people have a day for that. (it is called the day they are born. ) Anyway I got a little off topic for a second.

What I was actually getting at was since you are on a college campus, you should have GLBT groups that meet and maybe they are planning something for the month of October since it is GLBT History Month. And since the 11th is National Coming Out Day maybe they have something specific planned for that day. Who knows maybe you could get involved in a GLBT group on campus and if you are not already “Out and proud” you can be and that will get you noticed by these girls you are interested in. But if it doesn’t or if they are not gay believe me you don’t want to mess with them as getting involved with a straight girl is messing with trouble all the way around. It will just set you up for heart ache.

The other option for you is to start going to your local “lipstick bar” (lesbian bar) or gay bar but be careful there as many “fag hags “ go there because they have the idea it is safe for them there because (as I have heard before from my straight friends) “we can go there as women and the guys don’t treat us like a piece of meat and we can have a good time with our friends” what they don’t take in to account is that not only men are gay, women are gay as well that is why they call us LESBIANS! So you have to have a sort of semi good gaydar even at the gay bar because the straight girls love the gay bar as well. At least there if you hit on one you can say “hey you are in a gay bar what did you expect?” and get away with it without feeling so embarrassed.

If you have a local lesbian bar that is your best bet for a place to hang out, I’m not advocating the bar scene but unfortunately because of the social environment we live in it is a starting point for we girls, just because you are in a bar does not mean you have to drink alcoholic drinks, many times when I am in a bar environment I drink water bottles. (thou I do love my Apple hoopties and Jaeger bombs) We have a local lesbian bar were we live that Hersband and I like to go to that is very small and cozy called Lipstick the owners run it like a house party so it doesn’t feel so much like a meat market, it feels more like you are going into their living room every night and hanging out with friends.

If you put yourself out there and start finding a social circle of lesbian friends, lesbian environments, and a few gay men friends for spice it up you will soon find a lesbian date, it is that simple.

That is just my humble opinion as a femme,


What can i do about my mom? I’m gay Please help?

What can i do about my mom? I'm gay Please help?

When you come out, you risk losing people who are very important in your life. But you should not let that risk stop you from being who you are. Never, ever, stop being true to yourself. I'm not going to sugar coat it - Although your mother does love you, at the time being she is probably very ashamed of your sexuality. But don't EVER let that make you ashamed of yourself. You have no reason to be ashamed at all. She is the one who is wrong here. Your family that does not accept you - THEY are wrong. Not you.

All you can do is hope that eventually they will accept you. You are a beautiful human being. And judging by what you've been through, you are very strong too. It takes a lot of guts to go through what you've endured.

It just might take a while for them to see that. It might take years upon years, but never lose hope.

In an ideal world, everyone would be accepting of all sexual orientations, but sadly this is not the case. Not everyone will be on your side. This is a blessing in disguise however, because when people judge you, they show their true colors. You don't want homophobes to be part of your life anyways, right? So if they have a problem with you, let them leave, and smile that they're gone :)

Things always get better. They might not work out they way you picture them, but in time they always get better.

Also, here is a site you can go on for anonymous help with all things lgbt related. It's called the GLBT national Help center:

they have an anonymous one-on-one chat, a toll free number, and lots of other resources.

Best wishes, and stay strong and brave!

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