National Go Barefoot Day 2023 is on Thursday, June 1, 2023: National ________day?

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Thursday, June 1, 2023 is National Go Barefoot Day 2023. Holidays of June, Happy “National Go Barefoot Day”! I know you' National Go Barefoot Day

National ________day?

National Fart Day

Silly National Days celebrated in Australia?

Silly National Days celebrated in Australia?

These are not necessarily silly but they are interesting.

There are more on the website.

The Community Calendar lists nationally significant events focussed around a major community or advocacy/awareness issue and other key dates relevant to the community sector.

Examples -

14 February - Tatts & Tiaras Day

Organisation: The Abused Child Trust

Just buy and wear one of the specially designed tattoos, tiara or bracelets.

27 February - National ' Sunnies ' for Sight Day

Organisation: International Centre for Eyecare Education

Wear your sunnies and you will help give sight to people in the developing world.

12-14 March - World's Greatest Shave to Care and Cure

Organisation: Leukaemia Foundation

The World's Greatest Shave encourages companies, individuals and groups to shave or colour their hair.

16-22 March - A Taste of Harmony

Organisation: The Scanlon Foundation

The vision is for all workplaces - big or small - to participate by gathering colleagues together over a delicious lunch made up of foods from different lands, either at their workplace or at a participating restaurant.

17 March - World Naked Bike Ride

The World Naked Bike Ride dress code is "As Bare As You Dare"... How bare is that? How dare is that? It's all up to you. You decide what you are comfortable with. No one is excluded or discriminated against based on levels of clothing, bodypaint, or anything else for that matter!

25 March - Ride2School Day.

Organisation: Bicycle Victoria

1-30 April - The Great Australian Bite

Organisation: Diabetes Australia

By getting together with friends, family or work colleagues to share a 'bite' to eat and make a donation to help the fight against diabetes.

1-31 May - Run a Barefoot Party

Organisation: Oaktree Foundation

Throw a Barefoot Party to raise money for The Oaktree Foundation and help fight world poverty.

15 May - Loud Shirt Day

Organisation: Hear and Say Centre for deaf children and their families

On Friday 15 May, school children, businesses, community groups and sporting teams across Australia will throw out their usual dress rules and step out in their loudest, lairiest, brightest and craziest shirts, ties or socks to raise much needed funds for deaf and hearing impaired children.

Would you be wiling to support a National Barefoot Day?

Would you be wiling to support a National Barefoot Day?

Absolutely as I hate wearing shoes. It should be celebrated by the boycotting of shoe stores.

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