National Good Neighbor Day 2023 is on Thursday, September 28, 2023: Would Jesus participate in the National Day of Silence?

Thursday, September 28, 2023 is National Good Neighbor Day 2023. National Good Neighbor Day - September 28th: How to BE a Good Neighbor National Good Neighbor Day:

Would Jesus participate in the National Day of Silence?

It probably varies what participating in the national day of silence means based on people's views, beliefs and motives.

I do know Jesus told us to love our neighbor as ourselves and He didn't mean just the heterosexual ones. But I also know part of loving our neighbors is telling them the truth that sets the free and loving them where they are at. The gospel Christ preached was, "Come put your faith in Me and walk with Me and trust Me to make you whole. Trust Me to set you free." It wasn't, "Try and clean up your act and then I'll accept you and save you." He saves (makes us whole) us when we trust in Him. Trying to make ourselves whole and loved and accepted apart from Him regardless of where our sinful nature leans will not work. It's the acceptance and work of Christ that makes us whole and into whom we were born to be.



Oooo. I have hundreds.

There is a bush fire which is set by Steph's new boyfriend Jay and Marco is killed.

Oliver leaves

Carmella leaves

Ned leaves

Kirsten leaves

Sienna, Carmella's cousin arrives.

Elle leaves.

Riley leaves after having a relationship with his aunt.

Carmella kisses Oliver again.

Elle and Oliver get back together.

Susan tells Rebecca about Paul's affair with Kirsten.

Devastated, Rebecca and Declan move out, going to stay with Carmella at number 24, while Oliver dumps Elle, realising that she knew about the affair all along, and moves into the hotel. Tired of her father's ways, Elle throws him out, and he resigns from his job at Lassiter's.

With the help of Tim Collins, Paul manages to get control of his assets back from Elle and, in another attempt to control his daughter, he buys the Erinsborough News.

Elle buys Frazer's share of The General Store, and later also buys Marco out when he decides to return to the family business.

Carmella returns from Italy with a shopping addiction and massive credit card debts and later admits to feeling unhappy since Chloe's birth.

Marco is emotionally blackmailed by his father into returning to the family business and selling his share of The General Store. Marco later finds out that his dad was faking heart problems to win his son over. Marco tells his dad that he's infertile and won't be able to continue the family name, but father and son eventually reconcile their differences.

During a picnic in the National Park for Marco's birthday, he proposes to Carmella and she accepts, but their happy day comes to a dramatic end when they're forced to run from a bushfire. When Marco, Oliver and Ned go out to search for those still missing, Marco stops to pick up Carmella's dropped engagement ring and is trapped outside as the fire passes through. In hospital, he keeps the seriousness of his condition a secret from Carmella and they get married before he quietly passes away.

Miranda's younger sister Nicola comes to stay, seemingly confident she's actually desperate for acceptance and harbouring a secret crush on Steve.

Riley and Nicola resume an affair they were having before he left Sydney but Didge finds out about it, and Riley decides to get away from Nicola and takes a job working with journalists in the Middle East.

Following a disastrous and brief relationship with Ringo, Bridget attends the school formal with Chris Knight, a few years older than her. He takes her to a hotel room and starts coming on strong. She runs off, he chases and she kicks him and pushes him away. He hits his head, later dying from his injuries in hospital, and Steve takes the blame to protect his daughter.

New teen Donna is bisexual.

When Nicola stands up and announces the truth during Steve's trial, he still goes to prison, but is released on appeal. Didge also gets away without charge when Taylah comes forward and admits that Chris did the same thing to her.

During his time in prison, Steve is involved in a fight, badly injuring a man named Nick. Upon his release, Steve finds himself, and his family, in danger from Pete Ferguson, who is determined that they must pay for what happened to Nick.

Kirsten is sacked from Lassiter's following her affair with Paul, but the whole thing brings her closer to Ned, who does his best to support her and later admits that he's falling for her all over again

* Lou becomes a fully-fledged member of the Parker family, taking over Riley's old room and even paying Steve's fine when he's released on appeal. Lou is also suspicious when Harold makes a sudden return to Ramsay Street, apparently on the run from someone or something.

* Bridget and Declan finally get together and, after he's trapped in the bushfire, he tells her that he loves her

* During the bushfire, Steve helps Nicola, who falls as she's running to safety, and she impulsively kisses him. Meanwhile, Kirsten goes looking for Ned but is overcome by smoke and collapses. Ned later finds her and she's taken to intensive care where she manages to pull through and Ned tells Mickey that, when his mum is better, they'll all be living together

* Zeke and Taylah decide to start having a sexual relationship and she goes on the Pill. When her dad find out, he sends Taylah to an all girls' boarding school in Sydney

* Angus returns for his trial and, despite an impassioned speech from Rachel, he goes to prison for six months. Rachel starts writing to him in prison, but is upset when all of the letters are returned to her, unread

* Susan decides to take part in an MS drug trial, though Karl and Zeke aren't sure it's for the best, and are pleased when she's rejected. However, after talking to Harold about how hope was the only thing that got him and Madge through her final days, Karl pulls a few strings at the hospital and gets Susan onto the trial

* Following their baby dramas, Frazer and Rosie decide to take an extended trip to Italy, while Ringo battles his eating disorder again and, when his brother and sister-in-law leave, he moves in with the Kennedys

* Toadie returns from East Timor with a plan to adopt an orphan named Dia. When he falsifies information on the application forms, he is rejected, but Steph helps him to cope by introducing him to young Callum Jones, the grandson of one of the cleaners at the bar. When Callum's gran suffers a stroke, he ends up staying with Toadie

* Sam moves into number 30, and she and Dan give their marriage another go. Desperate for a baby, Sam comes off her bi-polar medication to try and conceive, but he behaviour grows increasingly erratic and she lies that she's pregnant. Her lies eventually unravels and she suffers a full manic episode after which she asks Dan to make a fresh start with her in New Zealand. He accepts, but she realises at the last minute that it's Libby he wants, and she leaves alone, telling Dan not to come after her

* With Sam gone, Dan focuses his energies on helping with the local fire service, clearing tracks for bushfires, but injures his leg when pushing Callum out of the way of a falling tree. Back at home, Toadie tries to snap him out of his depression by asking him to help troubled Donna Freedman, who promptly develops a crush on him

* After Steph finds him sleeping in the bar, Ty is invited to become her and Libby's new housemate. He develops a crush on Libby but, after only a couple of dates, they realise that it's not going anywhere. Ty then helps Rachel come out of her shell by making her sing on stage at the school formal, and the pair get closer as she becomes his fake girlfriend, a plan to put off Ty's obsessive fan, Donna Freedman

* Lyn returns to Erinsborough, having found out about Paul's affair with Kirsten and out to blackmail him. Paul agrees not to go to the police, while Lyn admits to Steph that she's been growing more and more depressed and feeling worthless since her disastrous wedding to Paul, and the blackmail was the first thing in months that had made her happy. Susan, after learning about the affair from Lyn, decides that it's her duty as a friend to tell Rebecca the truth

* Steph struggles to move on from Toadie, but eventually accepts a date from fireman Jay Duncan. Various neighbours help out with the fire service voluntary work, during which a mystery arsonist lights a fire, which quickly spreads. With several people - including Paul, Donna and Callum - all acting suspiciously, nobody can be sure who was responsible

Angus returns.

Steph gets stabbed.

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Is it true that Obama canceled National Day of Prayer?

Is it true that Obama canceled National Day of Prayer?

This was one of those "incredible" moments that reflected badly on Obama.

Obama had made reference numerous times to the Islamic holy day of Ramadan and commented about how the call to "prayer" was the most beautiful "sound" in the world.

Yet, on this countries National Prayer Day, Obama claimed he did not have the "time" to even scratch out a simple, single sentence.

America may not be "Christian" as a religion, but nobody can deny, we were founded and have lived by Christian "ideals" of "Do not lie, Do not steal, Treat your neighbor as you would want to be treated", and so on.

Why some "people" still deny Obamas true faith as Muslim, escapes me. He has admitted it, has shown "adherence" to it and has embraced it over all other religions.

The one other "insult" to this country ? Obama LIED to the American public during his campaign, because he KNEW, a Muslim would NEVER have been elected. SO what should people think and believe about a POTUS who can so easily lie ?

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