National Green Week on February, 2023: Does Tribeca Health Green Tea X50 actually work to help lose weight?

National Green Week 2023. National Green Week is an annual campaign, started by the [ Green Education Foundation (GEF)], that kicks off during the first week in February and lasts through the end of April.

National Green Week!

National Green Week is an annual campaign, started by the [ Green Education Foundation (GEF)], that kicks off during the first week in February and lasts through the end of April.

Does Tribeca Health Green Tea X50 actually work to help lose weight?

Supplements, such as green tea extract, are always a bad idea unless recommended by a health care professional according to the best experts in health and nutrition in the world...the US National Institute of Health. The reason is you don't know what you're getting in the product. The FDA does not require testing, advertising is often fraudulent, what's on the label is often not in the package/product, and many supplements are contaminated with various toxins. For more information about supplements, go here -->

Will green tea help you lose fat? Probably not. The truth about green tea is there are many varieties of the herb and no good scientific evidence any of them support fat loss to any significant degree. However, if you randomly surf the web you're likely to become the victim of scammers.

Here's an example of a very nice looking website about green tea. Note the excerpt:"If you are in search of natural means that will help you lose weight and improve your health, then green tea dietary supplements may be the perfect answer for you. Each time you take the pill, there’s a gleaming joy in your heart that you are doing something good for your body’s overall wellness."


But, is that truth or just scammers who want to sell you supplements feeding you propaganda for to get your money? If you read what the experts have to say, your conclusion will have to be that classy website article is bogus and fraudulent scammers propaganda. And, in fact, that's an example of how scammers manipulate the buying public by saturating the web with false articles, phony blogs, bogus scientific white papers, and fake reviews.

Here's what the US National Institute of Health, the people your doctor listens to, has to say about green tea diets. Note the excerpt: "Insufficient evidence to rate effectiveness for weight loss.".


Here's a fact sheet about green tea. Note the excerpt: "There are not enough reliable data to determine whether green tea can aid in weight loss"


Here's another report. Note the excerpt: "Taking a specific green tea extract (EGCG) seems to help moderately overweight people lose weight. But green tea doesn’t help people keep the weight off."

Note the phrase "seems to".


So, why doesn't the NIH just come right out and say green tea doesn't work for diets? Because they only say what has been demonstrated by good scientific research. Unlike the supplement sellers who will make outlandish and ridiculous claims to get your money and the credulous and naive people who believe them, the government tells the truth as science is given to know it.

It pays to be skeptical about all supplements and especially those sold for the purposes of fat loss and muscle gain. The internet search engines only know what is popular, not what is true and correct. So, if you see it at the top of the Google or Bing search results, it means nothing. On the web, you have to dig for the truth. Be skeptical, use critical thinking, and if it sounds too good to be true...well, you know the rest.

For more information go here -->

In summation, it would seem green tea is a poor choice for dieters simply because it has no appreciable effect on fat loss. High quantities of a concentrated extract may have some slight fat loss benefit but that can only be purchased as a supplement and there is still no good science to suggest efficacy in fat loss. So, if you like green tea, drink it. If you need caffeine, however, you can get that dirt cheap by buying NoDoz pills. Of course too much caffeine is not good for your body and can increase blood pressure, cause anxiety and panic attacks, and much more.

Good luck and good health!!

national football league in 1994?

national football league in 1994?

okay you asked for it:

1994-5 schedule

All times are Eastern

Click here to go to the NFL page.

Week 1:

Sunday, Sept. 4

Atlanta(0-1) @ DETROIT(1-0)28-31

CLEVELAND(1-0) @ Cincinnati(0-1)28-20

Houston(0-1) @ INDIANAPOLIS(1-0)21-45

KANSAS CITY(1-0) @ New Orleans(0-1)30-17

Minnesota(0-1) @ GREEN BAY(1-0)10-16

Philadelphia(0-1) @ NY GIANTS(1-0)23-28

SEATTLE(1-0) @ Washington(0-1)28-7

Tampa Bay(0-1) @ CHICAGO(1-0) 9-21

Arizona(0-1) @ LA RAMS(1-0)12-14

DALLAS(1-0) @ Pittsburgh(0-1)26-9

New England(0-1) @ MIAMI(1-0)35-39

NY JETS(1-0) @ Buffalo(0-1)23-3

SAN DIEGO(1-0) @ Denver(0-1)37-34

Monday, Sept. 5

LA Raiders(0-1) @ SAN FRANCISCO(1-0)14-44

Week 2:

Sunday, Sept. 11

BUFFALO(1-1) @ New England(0-2)38-35

Detroit(1-1) @ MINNESOTA(1-1) 3-10

Indianapolis(1-1) @ TAMPA BAY(1-1)10-24

LA Rams(1-1) @ ATLANTA(1-1)13-31

MIAMI(2-0) @ Green Bay(1-1) (Milwaukee)24-14

PITTSBURGH(1-1) @ Cleveland(1-1)17-10

San Francisco(1-1) @ KANSAS CITY(2-0)17-24

Cincinnati(0-2) @ SAN DIEGO(2-0)10-27

Denver(0-2) @ NY JETS(2-0)22-25

Houston(0-2) @ DALLAS(2-0)17-20

SEATTLE(2-0) @ LA Raiders(0-2)38-9

WASHINGTON(1-1) @ New Orleans(0-2)38-24

NY GIANTS(2-0) @ Arizona(0-2)20-17

Monday, Sept. 12

Chicago(1-1) @ PHILADELPHIA(1-1)22-30

Week 3:

Sunday, Sept. 18

Arizona(0-3) @ CLEVELAND(2-1) 0-32

BUFFALO(2-1) @ Houston(0-3)15-7

Green Bay(1-2) @ PHILADELPHIA(2-1) 7-13

Indianapolis(1-2) @ PITTSBURGH(2-1)21-31

MINNESOTA(2-1) @ Chicago(1-2)42-14

NEW ENGLAND(1-2) @ Cincinnati(0-3)31-28

NEW ORLEANS(1-2) @ Tampa Bay(1-2) 9-7

NY Jets(2-1) @ MIAMI(3-0)14-28

LA RAIDERS(1-2) @ Denver(0-3)48-16

SAN DIEGO(3-0) @ Seattle(2-1)24-10

SAN FRANCISCO(2-1) @ LA Rams(1-2)34-19

Washington(1-2) @ NY GIANTS(3-0)23-31

KANSAS CITY(3-0) @ Atlanta(1-2)30-10

Monday, Sept. 19

DETROIT(2-1) @ Dallas(2-1)20-17

Week 4:

(Byes: Arizona, Dallas, NY Giants, Philadelphia)

Sunday, Sept. 25

ATLANTA(2-2) @ Washington(1-3)27-20

CLEVELAND(3-1) @ Indianapolis(1-3)21-14

LA RAMS(2-2) @ Kansas City(3-1)16-0

Miami(3-1) @ MINNESOTA(3-1)35-38

Tampa Bay(1-3) @ GREEN BAY(2-2) 3-30

Cincinnati(0-4) @ HOUSTON(1-3)13-20

NEW ENGLAND(2-2) @ Detroit(2-2)23-17

New Orleans(1-3) @ SAN FRANCISCO(3-1)13-24

SAN DIEGO(4-0) @ LA Raiders(1-3)26-24

Pittsburgh(2-2) @ SEATTLE(3-1)13-30

CHICAGO(2-2) @ NY Jets(2-2)19-7

Monday, Sept. 26

Denver(0-4) @ BUFFALO(3-1)20-27

Week 5:

(Byes: Denver, Kansas City, LA Raiders, San Diego)

Sunday, Oct. 2

DALLAS(3-1) @ Washington(1-4)34-7

Detroit(2-3) @ TAMPA BAY(2-3)14-24

Green Bay(2-3) @ NEW ENGLAND(3-2)16-17

NY Jets(2-3) @ CLEVELAND(4-1) 7-27

Seattle(3-2) @ INDIANAPOLIS(2-3)15-17

ATLANTA(3-2) @ LA Rams(2-3) 8-5

Buffalo(3-2) @ CHICAGO(3-2)13-20

Minnesota(3-2) @ ARIZONA(1-3) 7-17

NY Giants(3-1) @ NEW ORLEANS(2-3)22-27

PHILADELPHIA(3-1) @ San Francisco(3-2)40-8

MIAMI(4-1) @ Cincinnati(0-5)23-7

Monday, Oct. 3

Houston(1-4) @ PITTSBURGH(3-2)14-30

Week 6:

(Byes: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Houston, Pittsburgh)

Sunday, Oct. 9

Indianapolis(2-4) @ NY JETS(3-3) 6-16

LA Rams(2-4) @ GREEN BAY(3-3)17-24

Miami(4-2) @ BUFFALO(4-2)11-21

New Orleans(2-4) @ CHICAGO(4-2) 7-17

SAN FRANCISCO(4-2) @ Detroit(2-4)27-21

Tampa Bay(2-4) @ ATLANTA(4-2)13-34

Arizona(1-4) @ DALLAS(4-1) 3-38

DENVER(1-4) @ Seattle(3-3)16-9

Kansas City(3-2) @ SAN DIEGO(5-0) 6-20

LA RAIDERS(2-3) @ New England(3-3)21-17

Washington(1-5) @ PHILADELPHIA(4-1)17-21

Monday, Oct. 10

MINNESOTA(4-2) @ NY Giants(3-2)27-10

Week 7:

(Byes: Chicago, Detroit, Green Bay, Minnesota, Seattle, Tampa Bay)

Thursday, Oct. 13

CLEVELAND(5-1) @ Houston(1-5)11-8

Sunday, Oct. 16

ARIZONA(2-4) @ Washington(1-6)19-16

Cincinnati(0-6) @ PITTSBURGH(4-2)10-14

INDIANAPOLIS(3-4) @ Buffalo(4-3)27-17

LA Raiders(2-4) @ MIAMI(5-2)17-20

New England(3-4) @ NY JETS(4-3)17-24

SAN FRANCISCO(5-2) @ Atlanta(4-3)42-3

NY Giants(3-3) @ LA RAMS(3-4)10-17

Philadelphia(4-2) @ DALLAS(5-1)13-24

SAN DIEGO(6-0) @ New Orleans(2-5)36-22

Monday, Oct. 17

KANSAS CITY(4-2) @ Denver(1-5)31-28

Week 8:

(Byes: Buffalo, Miami, New England, NY Jets)

Thursday, Oct. 20

Green Bay(3-4) @ MINNESOTA(5-2)10-13

Sunday, Oct. 23

Chicago(4-3) @ DETROIT(3-4)16-21

Cincinnati(0-7) @ CLEVELAND(6-1)13-37

LA Rams(3-5) @ NEW ORLEANS(3-5)34-37

PITTSBURGH(5-2) @ NY Giants(3-4)10-6

Seattle(3-4) @ KANSAS CITY(5-2)23-38

WASHINGTON(2-6) @ Indianapolis(3-5)41-27

Atlanta(4-4) @ LA RAIDERS(3-4)17-30

DALLAS(6-1) @ Arizona(2-5)28-21

DENVER(2-5) @ San Diego(6-1)20-15

Tampa Bay(2-5) @ SAN FRANCISCO(6-2)16-41

Monday, Oct. 24

Houston(1-6) @ PHILADELPHIA(5-2) 6-21

Week 9:

(Byes: Atlanta, LA Rams, New Orleans, San Francisco)

Sunday, Oct. 30

DALLAS(7-1) @ Cincinnati(0-8)23-20

DETROIT(4-4) @ NY Giants(3-5)28-25

Kansas City(5-3) @ BUFFALO(5-3)10-44

MIAMI(6-2) @ New England(3-5)23-3

PHILADELPHIA(6-2) @ Washington(2-7)31-29

Cleveland(6-2) @ DENVER(3-5)14-26

Houston(1-7) @ LA RAIDERS(4-4)14-17

MINNESOTA(6-2) @ Tampa Bay(2-6)36-13

NY Jets(4-4) @ INDIANAPOLIS(4-5)25-28

Seattle(3-5) @ SAN DIEGO(7-1)15-35

Pittsburgh(5-3) @ ARIZONA(3-5)17-20

Monday, Oct. 31

GREEN BAY(4-4) @ Chicago(4-4)33-6

Week 10:

Sunday, Nov. 6

CHICAGO(5-4) @ Tampa Bay(2-7)20-6

Detroit(4-5) @ GREEN BAY(5-4)30-38

Indianapolis(4-6) @ MIAMI(7-2)21-22

New England(3-6) @ CLEVELAND(7-2) 6-13

New Orleans(3-6) @ MINNESOTA(7-2)20-21

PITTSBURGH(6-3) @ Houston(1-8)12-9

San Diego(7-2) @ ATLANTA(5-4) 9-10

SAN FRANCISCO(7-2) @ Washington(2-8)37-22

Arizona(3-6) @ PHILADELPHIA(7-2) 7-17

Buffalo(5-4) @ NY JETS(5-4)17-22

CINCINNATI(1-8) @ Seattle(3-6)20-17

Denver(3-6) @ LA RAMS(4-5)21-27

LA Raiders(4-5) @ KANSAS CITY(6-3) 3-13

Monday, Nov. 7

NY Giants(3-6) @ DALLAS(8-1)10-38

Week 11:

(Byes: Indianapolis, Washington)

Sunday, Nov. 13

ARIZONA(4-6) @ NY Giants(3-7)10-9

Atlanta(5-5) @ NEW ORLEANS(4-6)32-33

CHICAGO(6-4) @ Miami(7-3)17-14

CLEVELAND(8-2) @ Philadelphia(7-3)26-7

Houston(1-9) @ CINCINNATI(2-8)31-34

Minnesota(7-3) @ NEW ENGLAND(4-6)20-26

SAN DIEGO(8-2) @ Kansas City(6-4)14-13

Dallas(8-2) @ SAN FRANCISCO(8-2)14-21

LA RAIDERS(5-5) @ LA Rams(4-6)20-17

NY Jets(5-5) @ GREEN BAY(6-4)10-17

Seattle(3-7) @ DENVER(4-6)10-17

Tampa Bay(2-8) @ DETROIT(5-5) 9-14

Monday, Nov. 14

Buffalo(5-5) @ PITTSBURGH(7-3)10-23

Week 12:

Sunday, Nov. 20

Cleveland(8-3) @ KANSAS CITY(7-4)13-20

Detroit(5-6) @ CHICAGO(7-4)10-20

Green Bay(6-5) @ BUFFALO(6-5)20-29

INDIANAPOLIS(5-6) @ Cincinnati(2-9)17-13

Miami(7-4) @ PITTSBURGH(8-3)13-16

San Diego(8-3) @ NEW ENGLAND(5-6)17-23

Washington(2-9) @ DALLAS(9-2) 7-31

Atlanta(5-6) @ DENVER(5-6)28-32

New Orleans(4-7) @ LA RAIDERS(6-5)19-24

NY JETS(6-5) @ Minnesota(7-4)31-21

Philadelphia(7-4) @ ARIZONA(5-6) 6-12

Tampa Bay(2-9) @ SEATTLE(4-7)21-22

LA Rams(4-7) @ SAN FRANCISCO(9-2)27-31

Monday, Nov. 21

NY GIANTS(4-7) @ Houston(1-10)13-10

Week 13:

Thursday, Nov. 24

Buffalo(6-6) @ DETROIT(6-6)21-35

Green Bay(6-6) @ DALLAS(10-2)31-42

Sunday, Nov. 27

Houston(1-11) @ CLEVELAND(9-3)10-34

MIAMI(8-4) @ NY Jets(6-6)28-24

Philadelphia(7-5) @ ATLANTA(6-6)21-28

TAMPA BAY(3-9) @ Minnesota(7-5)20-17

CHICAGO(8-4) @ Arizona(5-7)19-16

Cincinnati(2-10) @ DENVER(6-6)13-15

Kansas City(7-5) @ SEATTLE(5-7) 9-10

LA Rams(4-8) @ SAN DIEGO(9-3)17-31

NY GIANTS(5-7) @ Washington(2-10)21-19

PITTSBURGH(9-3) @ LA Raiders(6-6)21-3

NEW ENGLAND(6-6) @ Indianapolis(5-7)12-10

Monday, Nov. 28

SAN FRANCISCO(10-2) @ New Orleans(4-8)35-14

Week 14:

Thursday, Dec. 1

Chicago(8-5) @ MINNESOTA(8-5)27-33

Sunday, Dec. 4

DALLAS(11-2) @ Philadelphia(7-6)31-19

Green Bay(6-7) @ DETROIT(7-6)31-34

NY Jets(6-7) @ NEW ENGLAND(7-6)13-24

PITTSBURGH(10-3) @ Cincinnati(2-11)38-15

Washington(2-11) @ TAMPA BAY(4-9)21-26

ARIZONA(6-7) @ Houston(1-12)30-12

Atlanta(6-7) @ SAN FRANCISCO(11-2)14-50

DENVER(7-6) @ Kansas City(7-6)20-17

INDIANAPOLIS(6-7) @ Seattle(5-8)31-19

NEW ORLEANS(5-8) @ LA Rams(4-9)31-15

NY GIANTS(6-7) @ Cleveland(9-4)16-13

BUFFALO(7-6) @ Miami(8-5)42-31

Monday, Dec. 5

LA RAIDERS(7-6) @ San Diego(9-4)24-17

Week 15:

Saturday, Dec. 10

DETROIT(8-6) @ NY Jets(6-8)18-7

CLEVELAND(10-4) @ Dallas(11-3)19-14

Sunday, Dec. 11

Chicago(8-6) @ GREEN BAY(7-7) 3-40

Cincinnati(2-12) @ NY GIANTS(7-7)20-27

Indianapolis(6-8) @ NEW ENGLAND(8-6)13-28

LA Rams(4-10) @ TAMPA BAY(5-9)14-24

MINNESOTA(9-5) @ Buffalo(7-7)21-17

Philadelphia(7-7) @ PITTSBURGH(11-3) 3-14

Denver(7-7) @ LA RAIDERS(8-6)13-23

SAN FRANCISCO(12-2) @ San Diego(9-5)38-15

SEATTLE(6-8) @ Houston(1-13)16-14

Washington(2-12) @ ARIZONA(7-7)15-17

NEW ORLEANS(6-8) @ Atlanta(6-8)29-20

Monday, Dec. 12

Kansas City(7-7) @ MIAMI(9-5)28-45

Week 16:

Saturday, Dec. 17

Minnesota(9-6) @ DETROIT(9-6)19-41

Denver(7-8) @ SAN FRANCISCO(13-2)19-42

Sunday, Dec. 18

Atlanta(6-9) @ GREEN BAY(8-7)17-21

Cleveland(10-5) @ PITTSBURGH(12-3) 7-17

LA Rams(4-11) @ CHICAGO(9-6)13-27

Miami(9-6) @ INDIANAPOLIS(7-8) 6-10

NEW ENGLAND(9-6) @ Buffalo(7-8)41-17

SAN DIEGO(10-5) @ NY Jets(6-9)21-6

TAMPA BAY(6-9) @ Washington(2-13)17-14

Cincinnati(2-13) @ ARIZONA(8-7) 7-28

Houston(1-14) @ KANSAS CITY(8-7) 9-31

NY GIANTS(8-7) @ Philadelphia(7-8)16-13

LA RAIDERS(9-6) @ Seattle(6-9)17-16

Monday, Dec. 19

DALLAS(12-3) @ New Orleans(6-9)24-16

Week 17:

Saturday, Dec. 24

Arizona(8-8) @ ATLANTA(7-9) 6-10

Buffalo(7-9) @ INDIANAPOLI

i am a green holder and want to visit london for two weeks what are the requirements for having a

i am a green holder and want to visit london for two weeks what are the requirements for having a visa?

The U.S. Green Card is not of any value in the United Kingdom; it just grants you to get on a flight back to the U.S. after your visit. Whether you will need a visa solely depends on your citizenship. You will need to get a visa if your country is listed here as visa national:


In the United States you need to fill out the application form and pay the visa fee online. You will then be required to obtain an appointment with US CIS to have your biometrics and fingerprints taken. After your biometric enrollment you need to forwarded the printed out and signed application summary together with your supporting documents and two European size passport pictures (1 3/8" x 1 3/4") to the U.K. Border Agency at one of the three U.K. consulates in the U.S. that have a visa section attached by mail. Decision about a visa issue is in general made based upon the documentation provided. An interview is only required in exceptional cases. Just enter "United States" on the attached website an chose "How to apply" to get details.


Should you not need a visa based on your citizenship you can be granted "temporary leave to remain" in the U.K. for up to six month. You must show that you:

■ only want to visit the United Kingdom for up to six months, or up to 12 months if you are accompanying an academic visitor;

■ intend to leave the United Kingdom at the end of your visit;

■ have enough money to support and accommodate yourself without working or help from public funds, or you and any dependants will be supported and accommodated by relatives or friends;

■ can meet the cost of the return or onward journey; and

■ are not in transit to a country outside the common travel area.

You must also show that, during your visit, you do NOT intend to:

■ take employment, produce goods or provide services, including the selling of goods or services directo to members of the public;

■ undertake a course of study;

■ marry or form a civil partnership, or give notice of marriage or civil partnership;

■ carry out the activities of a business visitor, a sports visitor or an entertainer visitor; or

■ receive private medical treatment.

You should hold the following documents when coming to the United Kingdom as a general visitor:

■ if you are employed, a letter from your employer granting leave of absence from your job for a specified period - the letter should also say how long you have been employed by that employer, in what job(s), and when you are expected back at work;

■ if you are self-employed, evidence of your business activities and financial standing;

■ evidence of any property you own in your home country;

■ if you are a student, a letter from your school or college stating the course you are on, its start and finish dates, and the dates of the holiday period when you intend to visit the United Kingdom;

■ evidence of any family or social ties and responsibilities to return to;

■ evidence of any firm travel plans you have made;

■ bank statements going back over a period of several months; and

■ evidence of savings available to you.


Those are the requirements in theory; citizen of some whealthy countries may not be asked for them at all, however the U.K. also allows visa-free entry to Commonwealth countries and to most countries of Central America like El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, or Nicaragua, just to name a few and passport holders of those countries may be faced with a thourough inspection before the U.K. Border Agency officer is convinced that they will leave the country when their leave to remain lapses..

Holidays also on this date Wednesday, February 1, 2023...