National Hobo Week on August, 2024: Who are those 15 mil hobos living off unemployment going to be voting for

National Hobo Week 2024. Britt, Iowa 1900 - Britt and the Hobos

Who are those 15 mil hobos living off unemployment going to be voting for

Hey, I am one of those HOBO's

I am 62 and unemployed for the first time since age 12 when I had a paper route.

I not only collect unemployment, I filed for and am receiving my social security (yes that is legal, at least it is in California)

I worked and had a single income, now I am unemployed and have 2 incomes, UI, SS. When UI runs out in 99 weeks ( I have 47 weeks left) I will then begin to draw from my retirement plan.

This hobo will not be voting for Obama, I worked to hard to get the money I made to have some dipshit take it all away.

@brainles (hey that is all that shows up and seems quite appropriate)

How great is $4.5 trillion worth of debt in the last 3 1/2 years working out for you? Seems to me that trickle up economics isn't working either.

Your pal Obama has added $2.55 trillion to the national debt since taking office. At his current spending rate of $140 billion each month, he will surpass $3.8 trillion in April of 2011

Do you know what $3.8 trillion represents ? It represents the entire 12 year period that republican controlled congress.

Obama is all about setting records, he now has the record for spending having outspent every president since 1901 on an annual average basis. I am not talking about just any type of money, this is true even if you convert all of the debt added in to 2009 dollars

Yep, Obama outspends ever president of the last 110 1/2 years.

Fastest way to clear 100,000 acres of thick forest?

Fastest way to clear 100,000 acres of thick forest?

let some hobo's camp there a while it should be clear in a week, all tho the litter of syringes and Other containers could be an eye sore.



Can't you hitch hike, do a hobo on the train thing.....or simply camp out on the doorstep of the companies for a week whilst having a mini vacation and or holding up placards decrying the state of the economy..

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